Cur Perfect O Sarboaica Baga Pula In Fund Fara Mila

Cur Perfect O Sarboaica Baga Pula In Fund Fara Mila

Chapter Eighteen - New Years Eve and Beyond Laura was almost ready to leave; she gave Dan her rings. “I am glad you are going out with Artsy and your friends. I would feel guilty about you being alone on New Year’s Eve.” “My wife says she would feel guilty about going with her lover as she gives back her wedding rings.” “You know what I mean Baby. I love you.” “I’m just teasing; I love you, and I know you love me too.” “I don’t know how long I will be gone, more than just the holiday though. I want a good long stay. Can you handle being alone for a while?” Dan kissed her, but did not respond to her question. At her car she kissed her husband goodbye and made one last attempt at reassurance, “Have a good time; I intend to so you may as well too.” When she closed her car door and put the key in the ignition, Laura assumed a new persona. She became Greg’s wife, and she was looking forward to being Mrs. Greg. “Hi honey, I’m home.” “I’m excited about this party; I’ll need a little help from you getting dressed.” The help she needed was pulling and twisting her nipples until they were fully erect and puffed out; plus the same treatment between her legs. Her costume was an opaque black body stocking that stopped just below her breasts. Over that she wore a silver chain bra and silver dagger skirt. The silver pieces came from their special jeweler, and had required several custom fittings over long lunch hours. The sales lady from her favorite lingerie shop coordinated everything as a special project. “You look spectacular; I should have hired a body guard to beat guys off of you tonight. Everyone will want some of you.” “Oh don’t do that, please Baby, don’t do that. You said I could practice my exhibitionism tonight.” Laura stood on clear plastic sandals wearing her body stocking. The bra only supported her boobs. A silver tube circled each nipple with a chain leading over her shoulders. Four strands of light silver chain carried the weight of her breasts and joined the chain from her nipple ring. Three heavier silver chains circled around her back. Her skirt consisted of short silver plate panels like daggers that hung loose from a silver chain mail belt. “You might need a body guard for the value, this may not look like much darling, but you are looking at $3200 worth of outfit. The skirt was the killer; there is a lot of silver in these duds. Would you do the honors with my bells and anklet?” Greg knelt and first clipped the diamond studded anklet around his lover’s leg. He took his time placing her clit clamp bells, and made sure he could hear them chime before he rose. “One last item, and then I want some pictures before we leave.” Greg had a ring box in his hand. Laura was afraid to look when he opened the box, but the ring was a ruby dinner ring. Laura breathed in relief and offered her left hand. She would allow her lover this much symbolism as long as the stone wasn’t a diamond. “It’s beautiful, I would kiss you but I don’t want to mess my makeup until we get to the party.” They were announced as they entered, but absolutely no one was paying attention to announcements. Everyone was in costume; most were extravagant, and some outrageous. Greg’s leather tuxedo seemed almost commonplace. Laura’s stood out. Most of the women hinted the availability, desirability, of their breasts tonight. Deeply cut cleavages were abundant. Some sheer tops actually gave a clearer view of breast than her bra, Laura noticed. No breasts drew more male attention than Laura’s. This was a see and be seen party of beautiful and well heeled people. Tonight’s New Year’s Eve party was for the socially connected avant-garde. Tonight was for fun and show off, and Laura intended that she would like nothing better than to show off with, and for, her lover. First they visited the bar for drinks; then they slowly worked the crowd. Laura loved overhearing comments about her outfit. She and Greg discussed the party as they drove. “You are always fun when you show off. You have until eleven, any game you want to play. Anyone you want to play with, make it exciting.” “And after eleven?” “I’ll set you up between eleven and twelve; you just do whatever I tell you. At midnight you become mine and mine alone.” “Sounds like a plan to me, I can’t wait.” Laura selected a couple standing by the dance floor as first target. “I want to watch you dance lover; would you ask this pretty lady for the first dance while her partner keeps me company?” Greg asked permission and soon led the woman out on the floor. Laura just chatted with her partner and watched the dancers. “I want to see how he dances with your wife so I know how far I can go when I ask you to dance with me next. I do hope you are a good dancer.” The lady’s husband nodded and agreed. Greg and the lady became more and more familiar in their dance. By second dance, both were using their hands on each other in acceptably intimate accompaniment. “He’s very good with wives; I know that for a fact.” Laura got a questioning look; husband’s hand covered Laura’s left. “I’m actually his secretary, but we have been lovers for almost a year.” “Where’s your husband tonight?” “At his own party.” “Oh!” “Shall we join them and show them how to have a good time dancing?” Laura led to the dance floor with her new friend in trail. He was a very good dancer; his skill flowed through Laura as excitement. She worked her body with athletic rhythm moving in and out; the chains of her bra jangled as did the swords that made her skirt. Laura pressed her body close to her partner when the music stopped and initiated a switch. Laura and Greg gave dirty dancing a new name raising the sensual level of their surroundings. Their rhythm could easily have been sex, not dancing; they were close enough for penetration. Greg’s first partner took the cue and drew her husband close creating their own sexual tension. The spontaneous two couple dance team boiled heat and stimulated surrounding dancers. Laura again led a switch, “I want to dance with him again. Treat her just like me for a dance or two.” Laura guided her partner’s fingers on a tour of her chains. Once he was familiar with the territory, Laura danced back into his chest and shimmied as male fingers played. Her partner’s eyes never left her tits; Laura focused only on Greg and the man’s wife. She saw daggers in the wife’s eyes, “Don’t mess with my man!” Then they softened. Greg had excited lust on his face from the moment she danced her new partner away. He knew well the sexual heat Laura loved to bring to a party. Laura turned face on to her dance partner, “Reach through my skirt; the daggers aren’t sharp. Give them a show.” They finished their dance with Laura humping her daggers into her partner in time with squeeze of hands on her globes. Outrageous, that’s what she wanted. Laura turned so the hands under her skirt were in front. She motioned Greg and wife closer; they each danced a knee inside Laura’s thighs. Wife’s husband banged his erection through the skirt blades and hard on Laura’s ass. Laura was meat between buns; Greg and husband worked left tit, wife did the right. Wife worked tits harder than husband. Laura took the woman’s free hand and put through her skirt. Wife made Laura’s bells ring. Laura worked through the crowd finding adventure wherever. Mostly she stayed hand-in-hand with Greg, and sometimes included him in her adventures. Twice Greg was strictly an observer. They had been mingling and dancing for over an hour when she spotted her prey, a couple on a banquette. Laura handed Greg her glass for a refill; then asked the couple if she could sit between them. They were so stunned by the request that they shifted to make room. By the time Greg returned with her fresh drink, Laura brought the couple in on her exhibition. Both were playing with her bells. Laura took her glass then directed Greg off to an observer position. “Just watch them get me off Baby.” Laura spread her thighs; her skirt blades were pushed to the side. Greg could see perfectly, so could others strolling by. The gathering crowd watched a three person sex show for almost ten minutes. At first Laura sipped her drink and enjoyed the climbing stimulation. She would make eye contact with Greg and then let her gaze roam the crowd returning air kisses as they were offered. The couple received real kisses and words of encouragement. Laura was in show off heaven; her breathing quickened. Greg was in synch with his lover. Unaware, his breathing grew quicker but shallower in time with Laura’s. He knew the slut part inside her psyche was in overdrive. Laura put her glass on the floor and gave instructions to her accomplices. Each used two fingers for rapid penetration; their thumbs pressed Laura’s clit between them. Laura’s eyes closed, her head flew back, and she screamed a loud orgasm yell. Greg wasn’t the only man breathing hard and holding an erection when she opened her eyes. Many of the men watching had women helping hold them. Laura checked Greg’s watch; almost eleven and I have to cede control. She wanted one more event. Laura noticed an obviously husband and wife couple leaving the dance floor and moved to intercept them holding Greg by the hand. “Excuse me, my husband often has to watch as I kiss my lover, and I often wonder what he sees. I am going to borrow your guy for a few minutes of kissing. Will you watch us and tell me what it is like?” The woman was stunned; Greg almost choked. Laura didn’t give her target time for reaction; she had her arms around him with lips locked in an instant. At first, Laura led the kiss, but soon her new partner got into the spirit of the moment. The man’s hands went into action up and down Laura’s back and then to her neck and head. His wife and Greg could see the obvious tongue thrusts into Laura’s open mouth. His lips worked down along her neck, into the cleavage between her breasts; then his tongue led lips back to Laura’s mouth licking upward along her centerline. They shared a good sexy kiss before turning to their partners. “You slut! If it wasn’t New Years and I suspect you are drunk already, I would poke your eyes out and cut off your lips. And you husband, you better kiss me better than that if you ever want to kiss me again.” Greg just watched quietly with a grin; he loved Laura’s boldness. “That’s how you feel; I guess that’s how my Baby feels too. Let me have one more kiss to warm him up for you and then my lover and I will watch you.” “It’s eleven o’clock and now it’s your turn. Do you have something planned?” “I have a couple of ideas; watching you has given me more. We should have come earlier or maybe stay later than I had planned.” “Do you have something in mind by leaving early”, Laura asked? “The same idea as you I think.” “We will Baby, we will. I was going to save this as a midnight dance surprise, but you get me for January.” >> > > - - Laura and Greg weren’t the only ones having fun tonight. A downtown gallery hosted a party for the art community to usher in a new creative year. Creativity in costume was traditional for this group. Artsy surprised Dan asking him to be her date to the art soirée. She insisted that his acceptance had to be conditioned by her taking him shopping for clothes. Dan felt self conscious at first in skin tight leather, men’s golden dance slippers, and a gold silk scarf at his neck. Dan was sure he would stand out gay as hell, but women seemed to flock to him. Artsy had chosen well, and he complimented her, receiving a warmer than expected kiss in return. Artsy was as extravagantly dressed. Tights and leotard hugged her body, only lightly shrouded by gossamer over drape. She drew as much male attention as Dan did from women. Artists apparently had less need to express themselves with dance. Conversation seemed to dominate the evening; mostly about new projects for the coming year. Neither Artsy nor Dan made any efforts toward sexual flamboyance; they were quite satisfied making their statement quietly with fashion. There was a small dance crew entertaining with interpretive movement, and they drew an appreciative audience from time to time. Dan and Artsy stayed close; close enough that Dan felt her breast against his arm almost constantly. He felt comfortable here at this party. I think I am having a better time with Artsy tonight than I would with Laura. That may be disloyal, but it is the truth. We are having fun, a lot of good time fun tonight. Dan knew many people tonight; those he didn’t, Artsy introduced. Periodically, no rhyme or reason apparent, Artsy would turn and wrap Dan in arms for long sensual kisses. Once Dan tried to initiate, but was rebuffed. Artsy was in charge tonight, from asking for the date, picking his clothes, to determining the pace of the evening. Go with the flow Dan, you probably won’t get laid tonight, but you never know. As midnight approached there was a flurry of activity in the gallery to clear the entire floor. A tape deck, of all things, began to play traditional Guy Lombardo Orchestra music and the in crowd art community ushered in the new year slow dancing the waltz and foxtrot. Auld Lang Syne played at midnight to mark a new beginning with tradition. The gallery director announced a short break before the performance piece that would break with tradition. > > > > - - Greg began his exhibition hour stimulating Laura’s breasts. He pointed toward a tall, muscular black man who was chatting with three young women. “How does the black guy look to you?” “Like a maidens dream darling, but I should remind you I am not really a maiden.” “Oh, I think I’ve made you few times lately.” The pun earned Greg a sharp poke in the ribs. “What’s not to like about him? A well muscled and very bare chest. Those tights are all he seems to be wearing, and Baby he looks as well endowed as you, maybe even a bit more. There is not a hair on his body that I can see, nothing to get in the way of his very good body.” “Maybe I will send you after him next; right now I want to watch you dance with those three young guys over there.” Greg pointed to a group of guys in their twenties. “You want to watch me do some cradle robbing again?” “You got it; go get them.” A bold approach should work Laura decided that much as she went to them. Her undulating glide grabbed their attention and they were ready. “My date wants to watch me dance. If you three dance as well as you kiss, I choose you.” “How do you . . . ?” Laura’s lips stopped that remark. She kissed the man with an open mouth and tongue leading. Laura deliberately clashed his teeth with hers and bent him back. Laura’s aggressive onslaught amused Greg as he watched. When I say go get them, she gets after it. She might fuck them all on the dance floor. Although taken aback by the kiss this strange woman just laid on him, the young man responded appropriately. Soon Laura was bent back, held close to his waist, and was now on the receiving end of her target’s lustful kisses. She opened her mouth to receive stimulation. The other two guys did not want to be left aside. Laura’s neck was stretched back and available. One of the young men began kissing and biting there, while the other made an ear his target. Somehow, Laura moved them all to the dance floor. Her kiss partner wore an open front shirt; Laura’s hand went inside to feel bare chest. Her other hand worked on buttons of another shirt, neck man’s. Girls can play with guy’s tits too. Her third dance partner, ear sucker, took up position behind. They didn’t even try to follow music; they made their own. Three young men and a woman put on a dry fuck exhibition for the party; as much as Laura was concerned it was an audience of one. Feminine hands on male chests invited an equal response. Her eyes and kisses invited fingers under her chains. When Laura pinched, kiss partner and neck man pinched. As they pinched harder, Laura’s head snapped back and breath whistled through her lips; her tongue came out. Ear sucker was behind; he reached through and under the sword blades. “Wow, guess what . . . .” Laura shut him off with an over the shoulder kiss. “Shut up and play the music. Don’t say a word.” Ear sucker used one, then two and finally three fingers pumping pussy and ringing the lady’s bells. Laura pinched kiss and neck hard, and they responded. She was close and getting closer. Even if she doesn’t fuck them on the floor in front of everybody, she is getting off big time. Should I let her, or frustrate my lover? Frustration is sweet. Greg waited until she was almost there panting like a dog, tongue out. “Thanks for entertaining her guys; I’ll take over from here.” A quick kiss and then, just she and Greg; no three handed stimulation. “You bastard, I love you. I was almost there. They guy behind me found my bells and was ringing them finger fucking me.” “Looked more like most of his hand to me. Now it’s time for your next adventure, are you ready?” “Yes, how far?” “Let him lead; take him away from the three women.” “Your chest is flawless, beautiful; it is beautiful in every detail. I’d like to dance close to you, but I am afraid my chains might get in the way.” “Where is the catch?” Laura guided his hands between her breasts. He unhooked her easily, but had to twist the rings around her nipples to detach the bra. “Now the skirt.” Laura presented a hip. “Take them to your lover for safe keeping. Leave your shoes.” Her dance with three partners was primal sexuality, fucking in dance. With black Adonis, they danced erotic sensuality. Sometimes Laura could feel his touch; other times she only sensed his closeness. For some uncountable minutes, his finger tips turned her cheeks into the most sensitive erogenous zone Laura could remember experiencing. Laura matched his delicate skin strokes by lightly tracing muscles in his torso. Suddenly he took her hands in his to guide them lower. When he was satisfied with her touch, black Adonis released Laura’s hands to their wanderings. “Spread your legs so I can get at your bells.” Laura shifted open. “Look only in my eyes; your world is my eyes. Your lover will come for you when it is time.” “Yes, just your eyes and me.” “Do not hold back; scream when you need to scream. Enjoy your sex.” Laura gave him everything he asked for and she did scream twice in consuming orgasm. She never moved from his eyes. At last she felt herself passed to Greg for the midnight dance. “A limousine will be here for us at twelve-thirty. I want to get you in bed as soon as possible.” “Can we take him with us?” “Not tonight, he is with the three ladies, maybe some other time. You were fantastic; I love you, love you, love you.” “Mmmmm, I love you my darling Greg. I wouldn’t want him without you. I always want you.” > > > > - - Dan began his New Years dance display a few miles away and shortly after his wife completed her blatant show. “We have a part in the performance piece. Just follow my lead.” Artsy placed him as a centerpiece and danced around hm. Dan could feel the soft material of her over gown floating as a mist, enveloping him. Her dance moved in and out, touching and dramatically pulling away. Their finale was as natural and dramatic as it was spontaneous. Unrehearsed, Dan caught her leap into his arms and buried his head into her breast. All felt right as he held the posture and his lady. Artsy pulled him away, yielding stage to four more dancers. She wrapped him again in her arms and her gown, and they kissed through the next dance sequence. Dan felt himself growing; Artsy felt him grow, but she stayed with him and their intimacy. Two hours into the New Year, their party began to fade. Artsy, Dan and a number of others moved on to an after party in their friend’s elegant home. The two older women entertained more than a dozen friends until dawn. Dan didn’t watch any of the New Year’s Day bowl games. Artsy’s final surprise came in the form of a simple request to their hostess as she and Dan were off to bed, “May I join you tonight?” “Yes, LeeAnne, come with us. I think that is a delightful idea.” > > > > - - “I’ll hold your things; thank the three ladies for letting you borrow their man for a dance.” Laura did kiss each of the ladies and her black Adonis. She made her thanks and farewell; then she and Greg entered the waiting limousine. Laura stayed wrapped in her lover’s arms until they arrived home. They sexed until dawn, and slept until mid afternoon. Saturday afternoon found Dan finally at home.
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Two days in bed with his lady friend/mentor, and Artsy, left him both exhausted and recovered. Dan knew he had lived through the strangest sexual experience imaginable. Artsy afforded him every sexual liberty, except penetration. His friend directed Dan’s exploration of Artsy’s body; always drawing him to herself for final coition. Most of the time, Dan couldn’t tell whether he was one man making love to two women, or some other permutation of three. The older woman had been in control always. Now he was alone in his den with a vodka tonic, the television, and NFL playoff games. Greg gets to entertain Laura and I get to watch the playoffs uninterrupted. There is something to be said for a wife having a lover. At halftime Dan fixed another drink; his mind returned to the same thought.. I get to concentrate on football because my wife is living with her lover, her very steady lover. They are more than just lovers even though Laura doesn’t like to admit they are. She really has two husbands, and she told me she is spending January with her other husband. The game resumed and refocused Dan’s concentration on the television. The last two minutes of a game can take forever; Dan had time to fix another vodka tonic. She didn’t say her other husband; that’s what I called Greg. A missed field goal averted overtime. The next game will start in thirty-five minutes, the announcer said. Dan fixed a snack. The past year has been full of surprises; I wonder what this year will be like? A previously faithful and committed couple, one Mrs. Laura and Mr. Dan, have become sexual libertarians. Mrs. Laura, my loving wife, has a full time lover. Stranger than that, Mr. Dan, good old straight arrow Dan, has made love with three different women in the last month, four if you count what Artsy and I did in bed two days with our friend as making love. Dan watched the second game, did some housework, and had one more vodka tonic. He let his mind clear about his personal life and concentrated on the television spectacle. It worked every time, Dan thought. ESPN and vodka tonic is an elixir without parallel. While Dan was watching football, Laura was cooking dinner for her other man. She had just put the salmon steaks in the oven to bake. Everything would be ready in forty-five minutes. She smiled to herself and then worked the snap on her slacks. Panties followed the slacks to a puddle beneath her feet. “Greg Baby, I need you.” Greg found her leaning on the counter looking over her shoulder for his approach. “You haven’t screwed me in the kitchen this year. We have at least forty minutes.” Greg’s clothes joined hers on the floor and they screwed each other silly as the salmon baked. For both of the men in her life, and to a lesser extent Laura as well, December is a down time at work. January begins a new year in earnest at the office. Greg was always busy to the point of overload. She knew Dan would be work busy too. Laura found a loving pleasure to another side of her affair. She really became Greg’s housewife. Living with him for the whole month is very different from being here just for the weekend. I like, really like, going to bed with Greg at night and waking in his arms in the morning. Laura rarely thought of Dan as husband the first week. Dan was only aware that Laura wasn’t there for him at bedtime. Greg actually moved a thought of her husband to the forefront. “When is that thing Dan has planned for Portrait? It’s sometime later this month, isn’t it?” “Yes, the twenty somethingth I think. I better call Dan and check. It wouldn’t do for the model not to show.” “We need to decide where we are going to hang the portrait he gave us.” Laura called her husband at work the next day so she could answer the question her other husband raised. Hi Baby, how are you? I’ve missed you. . . . Of course I have. A little bit anyway. . . . Beside just hearing your voice and talking to you, I wanted to check on the soiree for Portrait. . . . Okay, that’s a good idea, lunch or dinner? . . . Tomorrow night then, see you. I love you. “I have a husband who looks almost as sexy as you; may I join you?” “Hey Baby, come on in. Let me kiss you for your sexy husband.” As they ate dinner, they realized they hadn’t spent a lot of time just for each other since Thanksgiving. Dan and Laura had life catch up to do before talking about the Portrait party. Dan found a particular fascination with his wife’s tale of dancing with Black Adonis at her party. I wonder if Greg was experiencing how I sometimes feel? I will have to ask if the opportunity comes up. Laura was equally fascinated when Dan talked about his New Year’s party and aftermath adventures. “I guess we both had fun on our own this year.” “I don’t think I would call you with Greg and me with Artsy and friends on our own, but yes we both had a good time.” Laura and Dan were sharing an after dinner brandy and coffee before they began talking about their upcoming party. I’m glad Dan finally got Artsy in bed, even if they didn’t go all the way. From his story, they did everything but all the way. That Mrs. Patron is one heck of an old broad. “I know you want January with Greg, but you are as much a part of this as Portrait, even more.” The discussion seemed more like a negotiation, maybe sparring, than husband and wife working out details for a formal party in two weeks. At basic level the issues: what house, what bed, and with which partner Laura would sleep the nights before and of the party. Laura wanted to attend as guest; Dan thought wife was appropriate. Wife meant their bed room, and wearing her wedding ring set. “I’ll never balk at wearing your rings Baby; you were the one who first took them off my finger.” Dan touched her ruby ring. “I have another hand. I would like to wear it on my right, but for you I will leave it off that night.” Dan thought for a moment, “No, wear it, but on your right hand.” “Let’s talk guest list before returning to January. I would like to invite my VP, would that bother you?” The guest list proved easy. Both decided on a few neighbors, friends and managers from their office, and a few close social friends. Dan, of course, would invite Artsy and the two older women. Laura decided she would ask Mrs. Jacobs if she and her husband might be interested. “I guess everyone is going to know what my naked body looks like after this; that won’t bother you any, will it Baby?” “Back to January and where you will be.” “I offer a compromise about January. I’ll come back home, certainly the day before to help get things ready, maybe even mid week. I will move into the guest room.” Dan nodded and relaxed. “My compromise is that I want to be with Greg; he will move in with me while I am here for the party.” “No, no, no, no!” “Yes; my yes is as firm as your no”, Laura countered. “You bring Greg home on your cum breath. You bring Greg home in your pussy. I accept that.” “Accept hell, some days you look forward to finding him. I’ve been denying you for the last month by not bringing Greg’s cum home on me as much as you like.” “You haven’t been home much the last month or you would have him on you. I know you.” “Let’s not fight Baby, not about this. Please?” “Please let you fuck him? Fuck him in our home? Do you want to fuck him in our bed?” “I told you I would take the guest room; I think I am being reasonable.” “Laura, I love you. I accept you being with Greg. I accept you fucking and sucking him. I accept you living with him for weeks at a time as his wife. I will not accept you fucking with Greg in our house, in our bed. That is a betrayal of our marriage.” “What if I do? If I fuck him in our house, am I still your wife? If I suck him in the guest room and come straight to you with a kiss, am I still your wife? If I fuck him on your side of the bed and leave wet spots for you to sleep in, have I been unfaithful?” Dan heard her; watched as she spat taunts at him. He boiled and boiled. “No Laura, don’t do this, please I beg you, don’t.” “Let’s leave it before it gets worse Baby; it’s late and we both have to work tomorrow.” “You’re right. Go to your other home. Sleep with your other husband tonight. Tell Greg I am being unreasonable. We can talk later in the week.” Laura stared at her husband with an exasperated expression. I will get my way; sooner or later I will get my way. “Walk me to my car Dan, please.” Greg resolved the dilemma with lawyerly skill. “Dan still doesn’t know that you fucked Portrait all the time he was painting you, does he?” “No, that is our secret for which I paid your price.” “Good, I will give everyone what they want, and you will say nothing but yes.” “Yes? Tell me how.” “You are the hostess, so you will move back home and be a proper hostess. I am your lover, so you will wear all of the jewelry I have given you.” “Proudly wear, darling.” “I have no intention of fucking you in your guest room, now or ever.” “All you want is me to wear your jewelry? What do I get?” “When I fuck you in Dan’s home it will be in your marital bed. We will leave wet spots on both sides. I may just leave you there fucked out for Dan to find, but I will make that decision, not you.” “I can live with that; your legal skills are impeccable sir.” “I am not through yet. Since Portrait is guest of honor, and you are both hostess and honoree, you will have sex with him in your guest room at least once. If you can you will both suck him and fuck him. I will punish you when you return to me.” “I love you, I truly do love you Greg.” “Call Dan tomorrow and tell him as much as you have to tell him.” The party for Portrait and Laura was a smashing success. At Laura’s suggestion, Portrait occupied the guest room while Laura slept with her husband. Both Old Jacobs and his wife complimented Laura profusely. Mrs. Jacobs even gave her a sly wink standing next to her husband, and spoke of her admiration directly to Laura in private. The jewelry problem was resolved in true football fashion. Laura offered to let Dan flip the coin, but he suggested a third party. Dan, Artsy and Laura met at Gilley’s with Artsy flipping a half dollar and Dan calling heads. “Tails, you win Laura. How do you want to resolve the jewelry issue?” With laughter and hugs all around, Laura announced that she would wear Dan’s wedding ring and Greg’s ruby on her left hand and her engagement ring on her right. Each man would decorate her body with the other jewelry she would wear. Dan was satisfied with the compromise, and they dropped Artsy at her home before going home themselves. Laura fucked Portrait twice the day before the event, and once Saturday afternoon. Greg discovered her successful indiscretion as he placed her clip and then covered it with a sheer thong. “How many times?” “Three, so far.” “Good, I will have fun making you pay.” “Kiss me and then send Dan up.” Dan decorated Laura with the diamond ear rings and necklace. He also helped her into her red dress. “I only kissed him Baby, that’s all we did.” “I know you wanted more, thank you.” “I wanted to at least suck him, but I didn’t. Are you sure you don’t want a cum breath kiss tonight?” Laura enlisted Mrs. Patron unbeknownst as an accomplice. She accompanied Dan around the law firm staff talking up Dan’s art at work project. Laura pulled Portrait into the powder room for a quick BJ. As the affair was winding down, Dan held her hand and whispered in her ear. “If you really want to Baby, not pushing but if you want to, you can give me a kiss later tonight.” Laura walked her lover to his car as the last guest to leave. “I won’t kiss you tonight, you know why. Fuck my mouth like this slut deserves before you send me back to Dan.” Laura got off her knees and brushed driveway dirt from her kneecaps. “I am going to go fuck my husband blind until he passes out.” “Then what?” “I am going to get Portrait down in front of my portrait and fuck and suck him before I go to bed.” “Tell me the final score Monday so I can tally your punishment.” “I love you; I will call tomorrow and be with you Monday.” Dan was waiting in bed for his kiss. Portrait, Dan and Laura had a leisurely brunch in the den with the fireplace burning. They talked of last night’s affair and then Portrait bid farewell. “Thank you for last night Baby, I appreciate you being here for me. Thank Greg too, for working out our disagreement.” “I will thank him Monday, for helping. Shall I thank him for anything else?” “That can be between us don’t you think?” “I love you Baby.” “What time are you leaving?” “I thought I should stay and clean up.” “I have a service coming in Monday; you can be with Greg this afternoon.” Dan watched football and drank vodka tonic Sunday afternoon. Greg collected the first installment for Laura’s weekend indiscretions with Portrait. She recounted every sex act in detail as her lover used his belt on her bottom. “I will save telling about fucking Dan until tomorrow night. I want to make sure you have a good excuse to do me like this again.” Dan was pleasantly surprised Thursday afternoon. His secretary came to the VP’s office with a message that Laura needed to talk with him. “Baby, could you meet me for lunch tomorrow; meet Greg and I? Something has come up, and I want to talk to both of you about it together.” “Sure, how about a hint?” “Wait until tomorrow; it will wait.” “Laura, you didn’t forget . . . ?” “God no, not that ever. Interesting news; that’s all. Don’t worry about bad news.” Over lunch in Greg and Laura’s private alcove, Laura explained the news from Business Lady. “They want me to come to San Francisco either late next week or the following week to discuss a part time position as their ‘Marketing Consultant to the Legal Community.” Both Dan and Greg had to call back to their offices to clear their afternoon calendars. They spent all afternoon and into the early evening talking pros, cons, possibilities and opportunities. Laura called Business Lady and let them know she would be coming to see them soon, but had to clear some details before travel plans could finalize. Laura was beside herself with excitement. “If I promise not to do a repeat of the last time we had a three way date, could I get my two men to take me dancing tonight?” Laura’s request stopped conversation. This time Dan proposed the compromise. “I would rather make it Saturday night; how about you Greg?” Laura spent the first week of February in San Francisco. Greg put her on her departing flight, and Dan picked her up on return. She called both men every night from her hotel. “It’s February and I am so glad to be home. We have a lot to talk about. Take me home and make love to me tonight, and then we can talk about my trip for the next few days.” It took three days of detailed discussion to work through the ramifications of the Business Lady offer. As soon as Dan understood the impact, he insisted Greg be brought into their discussions. BL was not offering Laura a fluff job. She would have access to senior management and the board of directors. They were clear that they wanted to work something out so Laura would keep a modified job at her law firm plus work for BL part time. It was Greg who suggested that Old Jacobs might be the key player. “Well, that works for me then; I am in good with Mrs. Old Jacobs.” Greg volunteered to take the lead role with the law firm on details. Dan relished throwing a last wrinkle into Laura’s mixed up life. “You realize, Greg, you will have to break in a new secretary.” “Not that way you don’t, there will be no new secretary break in duties while I am around.” “Who will help clean up under my desk?” Greg got a slap, and both men earned kisses. Finally Laura and Dan had a whole evening to themselves. Laura knew they still had a lot to talk about. Laura brought home a case of Taittinger, Greg’s favorite brand of champagne. “I do like this brand as a change up from Piper.” “It is nice, isn’t this Greg’s favorite?” “Yes, that’s why I picked it tonight.” “Is that significant?” “Taking the offer from BL will change things between Greg and me. I will not let their offer ruin my affair. I hope you understand that much.” Dan considered what Laura was saying, but didn’t respond at first. “If I work in another part of the firm, and Greg gets a new secretary, I won’t be with Greg every day.” “Yes, I understand. What are you going to do about that?” “We will have to work it out, all three of us. I will probably want to have more dates to make up for less daily contact.” “You’ve given it some thought, haven’t you?” “I thought of little else all the way home.” “We can work it out. I know Greg is important to you. We will work it out.” “Thank you Baby.” “I want you to think about something though. I want you to think about you and me, Dan and Laura, husband and wife. I don’t want to talk tonight, but I do think we need to talk about us soon.” Laura looked at her husband through her glass. She watched the bubbles rise past a familiar face distorted by the wave pattern of champagne. My secret, or should I share with my husband? Dan has been with me always. As hard as I have pushed him, he has been by my side. Baby, would you bring more champagne? There is one more thing I want to talk about tonight.” When Dan returned with the champagne bottle Laura continued her part of their conversation. “I agree we need to talk about us. Make no mistake about anything I do or say, you are the most important man to me. Not tonight, but soon we will take whatever time we need to devote to Dan and Laura. I love you and I know that you love me. I don’t want to threaten our love for each other.” “I am glad to hear you say that. There have been times this past year when I have wondered if that was still true. Is that what you want to talk about tonight?” “No, not that at all. Let’s just drink champagne for a minute; I will start talking when I am ready. I have a few more details about my trip to tell.” Laura finished her glass and handed it over for a refill. “Liaison and young Legal Counsel met me at the airport when I arrived. They checked me into my hotel before we went to the Business Lady office. The three of us had dinner that evening at a nice seafood place across the bridge in Sausalito. Liaison left us and Legal Counsel drove me back to the hotel.” “My suite was incredible, even better than the one we had. The view was beautiful. Legal Counsel had two gifts waiting for me. One was champagne. You might be glad to know his brand is Piper too.” “He has good taste.” “Yes, he does.” “What was the other gift?” “Do you remember when we walked by the lake in the park last summer?” “What! What are you talking about?” “We walked and talked. You skipped rocks across the lake. We sat on a park bench and you asked me a question. Do you remember the question?” “I don’t, but you obviously do. What was the question?” “You asked me since I was cheating on you, would I eventually cheat on Greg.” “Now I sort of remember; did you?” “Yes!” “Tell me!” “The other gift was a black negligee. I modeled it for him as we drank champagne, and then wore it as we made love that first night.” Dan’s jaw dropped and his eyes widened. “Legal Counsel spent the night with me. We made love the first time; we had animal sex the second.” “Oh my god, you are getting to be a slut, aren’t you? Just the first night?” “No, every night. He spent every night in my bed. Twice he was with me while I called you and then Greg.” “Does Greg know?” “No, and I have no intention of telling him.” “You are cheating on Greg, but telling me makes you faithful, doesn’t it?” “Yes, it does. I am faithful to you.” Dan laughed, “I love you Baby; you are something else. I have one last question and then let’s go to bed.” “What’s the question?” “You fucked Portrait, didn’t you? I could see it in his painting.” This time Laura laughed, “Greg asked me the same question.” “Did you answer him?” “Yes, I answered Greg’s question.” “And the answer was?” Laughing again, Laura told Dan she answered that question once and once was enough. “Will you wear the black negligee for me tonight?” “That’s another question, but yes I will. Let’s go to bed; I’ll wear my sex gown and you can fuck me just the way Legal Counsel had me every night in San Francisco.”

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