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He wants to seduce you and makes you very happy

Doctor Harris looked at my wrist. The pain had eased a little in the time it took to walk around to his office and I could move it again. “I don't think it is broken,” he said. “Just strained and bruised. I will bandage it tightly and in a few days it should be all right.” I thanked him and together Bethany and I walked slowly back to the East Wing. As we went, I wondered about Thomas. I resolved to visit him after dinner or, at least ask Phil if it would be possible to. I suddenly realised that, because the day had been so eventful, I had not eaten since breakfast and that had barely been anything. I felt my stomach growl. Bethany laughed gently. "Oi 'eard that," she said, "Ain't you been eatin' today, Miss?" I smiled. "No, I hadn't even considered it until now." At that moment the same sound repeated, except that this time, it wasn't me and now it was my turn to laugh. "It sounds as though you have not eaten either." Bethany giggled, a sweet, happy sound that I feared I would never hear again. "No, oi ain't, Miss. Never give it a thought neither. Not really been 'ungry if oi tell the truth." I looked at her again, holding her gaze, her pretty eyes shining as she gazed back. I wanted to hug her but I couldn't. What if someone saw? Lady Helen's niece being familiar with a maid, good heavens no! Just not the done thing! I sighed. At that moment I completely understood why my Aunt lived as she did. On the outside, a lonely spinster but, in fact, a sweet caring woman who had to keep her love a closely guarded secret. We walked on together and returned to the dining room. Sally and Melissa were there, preparing the place settings for dinner. Of anyone else there was no sign. "Oi better get back to work now, Miss," Bethany said. "There's so much to do." I smiled. "Yes, I suppose there must be." They were one short now and Bethany had been kept busy all afternoon helping me. She took her leave and, with a lingering glance over her shoulder, disappeared through the door to the kitchen. Sally passed me as she carried plates and cutlery to the table from the sideboard. There were more than just two place settings. "Are we having guests to dinner?" I inquired as she lay out four settings. "Yes, Miss." She seemed to be unhappy about it. "The Reverend and his wife. They are coming to discuss the arrangements for Maggie's funeral." "Over dinner?" I said, a little surprised. "I think Lady Helen wanted to try to keep it as informal as she could. No rush over dinner I suppose." Sally paused in her work and sighed. "It won't be the same without her, Miss Victoria," she said, the sadness clear in her voice. I stepped over to her and put my hands on either side of her shoulders. "I have only been here a short time, Sally, but I can see how close you all are." "We are like family, Miss..." There was a pause. "They are my family. I have no-one else. Maggie was like my sister, as is Bethany. And Melissa, well, she is more of a mum than my own ever was." As I looked at her I saw a tear well in her eye and roll down her cheek. Her lips turned down at the ends and began to quiver uncontrollably. "I feel as though my heart has been ripped out," she sobbed, her voice cracking with emotion. I pulled her to me, laying her head upon my shoulder and she sobbed heartily, her arms around my waist and her body heaving. I gently stroked her head and let her cry until the sobs slowly died away and she became quiet. We stood for a moment, in silence until, with a deep breath, she stood back and wiped her eyes. "Oh Miss," she said, "I'm sorry. I have made your shoulder wet." "Please, Sally, there is no need to apologise," I reassured her. "I am pleased to be here for you when you need someone. You never need to be afraid to approach me for anything." "Oh, Miss Victoria, thank you. You are so very kind." She sniffed. "I must get on now." I watched sadly as she went back to setting the table. Maggie's death had changed the lives of everyone and I couldn't help but feel that it signaled the end of an era. Life would never be the same again here. "Sally, where is my aunt?" I said after a few minutes watching her work. "In the study, I think, Miss," she replied. Thanking her, I left her to her chores and went to find Aunt Helen in the study. I found her sitting in the high backed arm chair beside the huge window, staring out over the grounds. Having not heard me enter, she jumped when I spoke. “Are you all right, Aunt Helen?” “Oh my word, Victoria!” she gasped, clasping her hand to her chest. “You quite startled me!” “I am sorry. You must have been far away with your thoughts.” I apologised. “Yes, I was.” She said wearily, “Please, sit.” She waved her hand towards the similar chair on the other side of the window. I took up her offer and settled into the sumptuous upholstery, tucking my dress behind my knees as I did so. The silence was broken only by the slow, rhythmic, 'tick, tock' of the grandfather clock in the corner of the room. “I think I have been very naïve, Victoria.” She spoke quietly. So quietly, in fact, that I could hardly hear the words. “Aunt Helen?” I didn't understand. “What do you mean, naïve?” “I thought we could all be happy here. I thought that if I gave the girls their freedom but made them understand that they had responsibilities, rather than being Mistress and 'slaves', so to speak, that maybe I could give them a life of their own.” “You did that, Aunt Helen.” I wasn't sure exactly what she was getting to but I tried to reassure her. “You gave them just that. They adore you.” “But now, Maggie is dead. If I had just been more of a normal 'Lady' then maybe she would still be alive.” “Oh no! That is not true,” I said. “You have nothing to reproach yourself for.” She looked at me and smiled. “If only that were true, Victoria. I have much to be sorry for...” She paused for thought. “...and much to be happy about too, I suppose but...” “But what?” I asked. “Oh, nothing.” There was silence again. I frowned, wondering what thoughts were tormenting her but was afraid to ask. “Well,” she said, getting to her feet and standing in front of the window. “I may not have killed Maggie but I am responsible for her, and you and the other girls.” She gave a big sigh. “It is up to me to make sure that this is put right.” “You are guilty of nothing, Aunt Helen.” “You are a good girl, Victoria. I have been very proud of you these last few days. You are so like your mother, but I hope you will learn from my mistakes.” “Mistakes, what mistakes, Aunt Helen?” Now I really was curious but, as I opened my mouth to ask, there was a knock at the door and Melissa entered. “The Reverend and Mrs. Wallace, Lady Helen. Shall I show them in?” “No, please show them directly to the dining room please. I shall be along momentarily.” “As you wish, Mylady.” Melissa closed the door again. “Well, Victoria.” My Aunt turned to me. “This is the part I was dreading.” “Do you wish me to stay with you?” I asked, hoping the reply would be positive. “Would you rather not, Victoria?” she asked gently. “I would be happy to, Aunt Helen.” I smiled and took her hand. She squeezed mine and smiled then leaned forward and kissed my cheek. “Come on then,” she said, “stiff upper lip and all that.” I held on to my hand to her and, using it to steady herself as she got out of the deep armchair then, she drew herself up and took a deep breath before composing herself and walking towards the door. “Before we go.” I stopped her at the door just as she put her hand onto the door knob. “Did you find anything in Maggie's room?” Aunt Helen paused and turned to me. “No, not a thing. I hoped we may find a clue of some sort but there was nothing. Nothing at all that pointed to anything I didn't already know about her.” Again, she sighed then turned the knob and opened the door. It was only a few short steps across to the dining room but they seemed to take forever. Reverend Wallace stood up to greet us as we entered. “Lady Helen, Victoria,” he said, taking each of our proffered hands in turn. He held mine a little longer than was required as he looked at me, troubled. “I owe you an apology Miss Harcourt,” he said eventually. “Yes.” I replied, a hurt look for effect, “I think you do, Reverend.” Aunt Helen frowned. “I am truly sorry. My outburst was unforgivable. My only excuse was that I acted out of shock.” “What is going on? What are you apologising for, Reverend?” Aunt Helen looked concerned. “I am sorry to say I was somewhat less than courteous when your niece knocked me over earlier.” “You knocked the vicar over, Victoria?” My aunt looked at me, aghast. “Yes, I am afraid I did,” I replied. Reverend Wallace was quick to stop Lady Helen. “I am afraid I was rather rude and I am truly am sorry, Miss Harcourt.” “Well, Reverend, I accept your apology, but please don't speak to me like that again.” “No, I will not.” When he released my hand I moved around the table towards my place on the opposite side and, as I passed her, I greeted Mrs Wallace. She looked even more timid than usual tonight as she smiled weakly up at me. Once settled in her place at the head of the table, Aunt Helen vigorously rang the little silver hand-bell. The signal to begin serving dinner. It was Bethany who appeared and went straight to the sideboard where a large tureen of soup was keeping warm over a small flame from the oil wick which was burning beneath it. She filled a bowl and took it carefully over to Marjory Wallace, placing it in front of her then returning to the tureen for the next plate. I watched the vicar carefully as Bethany mov
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ed warily between him and his wife. I didn't see any movement, but Bethany suddenly frowned, narrowed her eyes and pursed her lips. This time, she place the bowl on the table in front of Reverend Wallace without spilling a drop and moved sharply away. After she had placed two more dishes before myself and Lady Helen, Reverend Wallace clasped his hands and bowed his head. “Bless us, Oh Lord, and these thy gifts,” he began, “which we are about to receive from thy bounty. Through Christ our Lord, Amen.” “Amen,” we all repeated. I picked up my spoon and began to sip the hot consommé. It was delicious and I took a piece of hot crusty bread which Bethany had placed on the table for us and dipped it in the soup. It was heavenly. Both My Aunt and Reverend Wallace appeared to be enjoying the soup but the vicar's wife was barely touching hers, she was really just swirling it gently around the plate. “Are you all right, Marjory?” I asked her. “Is the soup not to your liking?” She jumped and dropped the spoon. “Oh, yes, It is very nice.” she said quickly, retrieving the spoon from where it had fallen on the table. “I just have a headache.” “I am sorry to hear that.” Aunt Helen had been watching. “Can I get you anything for it?” “No!” she replied sharply. “No please, I will be fine once I get to bed. Don't worry about me.” She sipped some more soup, “It really is delicious.” “Now, Reverend.” Lady Helen faced the Vicar. “We should discuss the matter for which I asked you here tonight.” “Yes, of Course, Lady Helen. A terrible tragedy.” The vicar put on his most pious look. “It seems a post mortem will have to me carried out to discover the exact cause of death.” Aunt Helen informed him, “But after that she will be released for burial.” “A P...post Mortem?” Mrs Wallace asked. “B...but didn't Doctor Harris already examine her?” “Oh yes, but he is not a pathologist, Marjory. He cannot issue a death certificate.” “Oh, I s...see.” Her hand was shaking so much she could not eat her soup, so she placed the spoon in the dish and rested her hands for a minute. I watched her with interest. I hadn't realised what a nervous person she was. I knew she was shy but... “Marjory. Are you sure you are all right?” My aunt asked her again. “It is all this talk of that poor woman. It is so distressing...” The vicar put his arm around his wife. “There, There, my dear. Calm yourself now. These things have to be done I am afraid.” She looked at him for a moment, then said, “Yes, I know, I'm sorry.” and, turning to Aunt Helen, “Please forgive me.” “Do not worry, Marjory, I understand. It is very difficult for all of us.” My aunt smiled for a short while, then turned again to the vicar. “So, Reverend, the service. I would like to give Maggie a proper send off. You know, the full service and interment in the parish churchyard.” “Really?” The vicar sat back, his eyebrows raised. “But she was just a s...” He stopped suddenly. “A servant, Reverend? Is that what you were going to say?” My aunt looked angry and stared at him. “Was she not a human being? A kind and generous woman? Does she not deserve a decent burial?” “Erm, yes, of course.” Reverend Wallace shuffled in his seat, suddenly uncomfortable. Suddenly and completely without warning, Marjory Wallace banged her hand down hard on the table, rattling the crockery and cutlery. “Stop it, stop it, stop it!” She screamed as she jumped to her feet. “I can't take this any more, Francis. You sit there as if she was nothing, just because she was a serving girl!” Bethany and Sally rushed in from the kitchen, having heard the noise. “You got that poor young woman into trouble because you couldn't keep your filthy hands to yourself!” She pointed directly at Bethany. “But that wasn't enough for you, Francis, oh no!” She was shaking violently now, the tears pouring down her face. Reverend Wallace went to comfort her. “Ssshhh, my dear, you are upset.” bur she wasn't going to shush. She slapped his hands away from her. “No, Francis, I won't 'ssshhh'. I have put up with you and your floozies for long enough. You killed that poor woman and you involved me too. Having that young girl flogged for something she didn't do was bad enough but you, you had to find someone to flog yourself. You will rot in hell for what you have done, you disgusting man, and you will take me with you. What you did to that poor woman will haunt me for the rest of my life. I hope you hang, Francis Wallace, I hope you hang!” Marjory sank down again onto her chair and fell forwards against the table, her head resting on her arms as her body heaved with sobbing. “Marjory, What are you saying?” The vicar's eyes darted to and fro and he stepped towards his wife and placed his hand upon her shoulder. Again she pushed him away. “I cannot lie for you any more, Francis,” she said between sobs. “You are supposed to be God fearing and yet you use your position to behave in the most ungodly way imaginable.” Slowly she stood. The tears gone now and a look of, well, nothing as she stared at his face. “You tied that woman and whipped and flogged her. Your ignored her screams, even became excited by them and, when she could scream no more, you, you..., you damaged her so violently, Francis, without a care for her safety and what you could be doing to her.” We all stood transfixed, shocked, quite unable to take in what was happening as Marjory Wallace continued her tirade. “And when you had finished with her, satisfied your disgusting urges and realised what you had done, did you even consider getting help for that poor, poor wretch? Oh no, you just came for me, made me help you get her to the Hall without being seen. I hate myself, Francis. I hate myself even more than I hate you. I hate you for the disgusting liar that you are, hiding behind the uniform of the church and using that position to behave in such a depraved manner but I hate myself more because I am weak and now, an innocent woman is dead and I did nothing!” Suddenly I came to my senses and quickly ran around the table to catch her as she began to sink to her knees, the emotion becoming too much for her. I guided her gently but firmly to her seat. Francis Wallace just stood, rooted, looking at each of us in turn, his eyes wild, like a cornered animal, frightened. Aunt Helen was the first to speak. “You killed Maggie?” she whispered. “You came here to discuss her burial when it was you who killed her?” Francis Wallace said nothing but I could see his mind was whirring, looking for an escape. “Answer me, damn you!” Lady Helen yelled at him. “How dare you just stand there?!” “It was an accident... I...” The reply was whispered. “An accident?” My Aunt repeated his words. “An Accident?!” she shouted. “I didn't mean to hurt her, she enjoyed it...” I jumped as Lady Helen stepped towards him and slapped his face hard. “Don't you stand there and tell me she enjoyed being whipped almost to death!” she hissed, the tears beginning to roll down her cheeks. “I know what she liked and that wasn't it.” “But I heard stories, about caning and punishment, that your servants liked to be beaten...” My Aunt slapped him again, the sound echoing around the otherwise silent room. From the corner of my eye I saw a movement, a flash and, as I turned I saw Bethany lunge towards him, a carving knife in her hand. “Bethany, No!” I screamed as Sally also ran forwards and threw her arms around Bethany's waist, causing her to fall forwards and drop the knife. They fell together onto the thick carpet. They lay together sobbing and I went over and knelt beside hem. “He is not worth it, sweetheart,” I told Bethany. “He will hang for what he did, don't let him take you with him." She took my hand and held it tightly against her chest but her sobbing prevented any answer. The Vicar turned suddenly turned and ran for the door before any of us had a chance to move. He quickly pulled the door towards towards him and disappeared. Moments later, I heard a klaxon sound and a squealing of brakes followed by shouting. I ran to the window and saw that, in his haste, the vicar had run under the wheels of an army lorry.. I ran outside followed by Aunt Helen and the two maids. “'e didn't look, just ran into the lorry. I didn't 'ave a chance to avoid 'im!” the driver was saying. Reverend Wallace lay on the drive, screaming in pain. He had run into the side of the lorry and the solid rear wheel had run over his leg, breaking the bones in various places. The medical orderlies arrived within minutes and told us his leg was badly crushed and that he could lose it. At that moment I found it hard to summon up any sympathy whatsoever for this vile man but, as he lay there, writhing in agony, I did feel that, if he managed to avoid the death sentence then he would at least have a permanent reminder of what he had done. I sensed, more than saw, that Bethany was behind me and I turned to find her almost against me, staring down at the pitiful sight before us. “It's true, ain't it Miss?” she said quietly. “What is?” I asked, having no clue as to what she was about to say. “The Lord, Miss. 'e really does work in mysterious ways, don't 'e?” “Yes, Bethany.” I smiled. “He does seem to.” She continued as though she was thinking out loud. “Oi were all set to run 'im through, and maybe go to prison moiself, givin' 'im an easy way out, an' now look at 'im. The Lord saved me and made 'im suffer far more than oi could've.” I squeezed her hand an led her back towards the house and away from this unpleasant scene. To be continued...

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