Love With Passion Xxx A Craftsman Blows A Blonde

Love With Passion Xxx A Craftsman Blows A Blonde

Michael groaned, looking down at the mess he’d made on his own chest, the copious, glistening cum in parallel white streaks on his dark skin extending from his navel, where the swollen head of his cock lay, to his shoulder. He cupped his big hands under Allison’s ass, his muscles bulging as he lifted her off his groin, even as she continued to try to hump herself against his thick erection. He was obviously embarrassed at his loss of control in front of all of us, although I’m sure he’d enjoyed the release after her relentless teasing.He shook his head, his eyes locked on my wife, whose attention was still focused inward on her own powerful but now-waning orgasm. “Jesus, Alli! I can’t believe you did that to me. You knew I was right on the edge, but you had to push anyhow.”I saw some of the sexual tension go out of her body as her eyes opened and she drew in a long, shuddering breath, slowly bringing herself back into the present. “God! I needed that so bad – and so did you, so stop complaining!” She laughed and reached down to caress his cheek to soften her words before she reached down and painted his nipple with his own cum, making him twitch and gasp.She looked gorgeous, hot and sheened with sweat, nipples erect, wanton, animalistic. Sexy and extremely aroused, her face and chest pink, suffused with blood and her hair wild and mussed, she was the picture of feminine lust and sexuality. Derek saw the same thing I did and focused on her, moving in, out, and around her as he shot frame after frame of my wife.He paused, lowering his camera momentarily. “Alli, lean in and kiss Michael, and make it hot and sexy, like that first deep, post-coital kiss you long for after an amazing round of lovemaking.”She did, willingly, and I knew her lips would be soft, warm, and eager, slightly swollen as they always are after sex, after a very intense and satisfying orgasm. Their lips met and crushed together, his cock trapped between them and her breasts and stomach sliding in the abundant semen on his chest, and they kissed like they meant it. It caused a brief, green flare of jealousy in my core, and glancing at Marci I could see that she looked the way I felt.It was odd, feeling that stab of jealousy over a kiss after seeing them actually have sex in the past and watching their nude touching and teasing all that day. I didn’t understand why that very sensual kiss made me so jealous when the rest hadn’t affected me nearly as deeply, but it did, and as they swapped spit, their tongues tangling eagerly, Marci and I ached with jealousy and Derek clicked away.I knew he had the skill to capture the moment, the wildness and sexuality in her eyes and her face, the beauty of their just-sated bodies, and the heat and passion of that kiss, and already, despite the jealousy, I longed to see the pictures. It would ache every time I looked at them, I knew, but Allison was so incredibly beautiful in that moment in time; despite all, I was thankful that he was capturing it.It would do no good to focus on Michael’s body, his still-distended cock leaking cum onto his stomach, joining the massive load he’d spurted onto his chest; first, he’d already taken numerous shots of that view as it happened, even as Michael was pumping cum all over, but with even those shots unusable for his book of erotica it would be pointless to continue to take more of the same. Wisely, he zeroed in on Alli as her lips met Michael’s, the essence of eroticism at that moment, and I felt an odd sense of vindication in the fact that he, with the eye of a skilled artist, saw the same wild beauty in her that I did.As Derek captured their kiss, Jen took a few shots from the other angle, from between Michael’s feet, capturing Alli’s wet, swollen pussy, open and eager, her smooth mound resting atop the base of Michael’s thick cock. His balls, recently drained, hung heavily in their loose sack, wet with sweat and the slippery, shimmering evidence of Allison’s arousal.When she broke the kiss and sat up, looking a little stunned by the intensity of it, she looked down at Michael’s cock, lying on his belly in a slick of semen as it gradually began to go flaccid. She reached down and slid her hand beneath it, cradling the head of his cock, now partially sheathed by his foreskin, in her palm as she ran her thumb over the tip, her fingers slick and creamy as she toyed with the white goo still leaking from him.He shuddered, his cock still in that very sensitive post-climax stage, as Jen took several shots of Alli’s pale, delicate fingers wrapped around his huge, cum-slathered glans and soft foreskin, and of the streaks of cum now trickling down my wife’s torso – more pictures that would never make the book.Derek caught a few more shots of her as she gazed downward at her lover’s massive cock, then invited Jason back into the frame, instructing him to admire it with her. Jason put one arm across her bare shoulders, playing the protective and suddenly possessive husband, his own cock still standing tall, thick, and rigid, and then slid his hand under Alli’s, cupping her hand, still holding Michael’s cock, within his own as they both gazed at it.Derek liked that image, judging by the way he continued to shoot frame after frame, and when Jason improvised and dropped to his knees to suck and lick Alli’s nipples, undaunted by the copious amount of cum coating them, Derek, muttered, “Oh fuck yeah, that’s perfect!”He kept on shooting, rapid-fire, as Jason sucked her nipples and Alli moaned appreciatively, tangling her fingers in his hair and holding his head to her breasts as he licked her clean. At this stage, they weren’t posing as much as they were simply doing what felt good, but Derek loved it. Michael just stared, somewhere between shock and bemusement as he watched the younger man lick up his semen. I figured that as long as Jason made no move to give Michael’s body the same treatment he was probably safe.When Jason pulled away, his lips and chin shimmering wetly and his impressive erection still standing tall, Derek asked Jen to quickly clean up Michael’s cock and the immediately surrounding area so that he could capture some shots that didn’t display semen. She put her camera down and stepped away for a moment, returning with a damp washcloth. When she wrapped her other hand around his shaft, lifting it free of Alli’s hand so that she could clean him up, Michael cleared his throat noisily.“Ahem… Jen, I can do that for myself if you’d rather not.”She glanced into his eyes, which she’d been avoiding up until then, and blushed crimson. “Really, I don’t mind. I’m used to working with the models, so it’s not a problem. Plus… well, you know…”It was Michael’s turn to look embarrassed, although he was less than convincing; I think he was enjoying every second of it.She was holding his cock lovingly, carefully moving and turning his shaft so that she could clean up every trace of cum, and for the first time, perhaps because she was now in front of the bright lights, I noticed her pert nipples straining against her t-shirt, rigidly erect; she was visibly, undeniably, and understandably aroused.I saw that Michael had noticed that effect as well and that he saw me checking it out, and he wiggled his eyebrows at me lasciviously. There’s something seriously wrong with a couple of guys that are admiring a fully-dressed girl’s hard nipples poking out through her shirt when a couple of beauties like Marci and Alli are right there, equally hard-nippled and stark naked, but it is what it is; aroused nipples are to be appreciated in all their permutations, variety, and splendor.Other than Derek, we were all watching Jen work over Michael’s cock, her attention to detail – and our attention on her - somehow fascinatingly perverse as she even slid his foreskin back to clean beneath it. He’d relaxed by then, simply enjoying her attention, not nearly as freaked out (understandably) as he’d been when Derek grabbed his package.I glanced at Marci, whose gaze was inscrutable as she watched yet another woman explore and fondle her boyfriend’s genitalia; she caught me watching her and grinned, sticking her tongue out at me. It felt as if we had a strange kinship, both of us with partners who were far too fascinating to – and at ease with - the opposite sex, and I wondered if she felt it too.As Jen toweled him dry and stepped out of the way, Alli again took up station with the end of Michael’s cock lying in her palm, her hand cupped in Jason’s such that he held both Alli’s hand and Michael’s penis. It seemed to me that maybe Jen’s loving touch had halted Michael’s magic shrinking dick and maybe even started its journey back toward its former turgid magnificence. Whatever the case it still – or again - seemed huge and thick, and he groaned softly when Alli squeezed it.Derek took a series of shots of “husband and wife”, Alli lovingly paying homage to her “lover’s” big cock as her fake husband, Jason, his arousal rigidly apparent, looked on approvingly. Derek kept moving around to different angles and having them adjust their positions accordingly before he paused and addressed Michael.“Mike, are you going to have a problem if Jason touches you, your ‘junk’, as you called it?”Michael looked at him, then at Jason, then at Marci and Alli in turn before, for some unknown reason, looking at me. “Uh, well, he wouldn’t be my first choice – no offense, dude.”Jason laughed easily. “None taken. Just so you know, I’m fine with it either way, and it’s just part of the job to me; I can’t swear I won’t enjoy it, but you won’t have to buy me dinner or promise to respect me in the morning or anything like that.”That got a laugh and seemed to break the tension. Michael sighed, shrugged and said, “What the hell, you’re paying me for this, so if you think it’s necessary… Just be gentle, Jason; it’s my first time.”That earned another laugh and further eased the tension. When Jason reached out and slid his hand under Michael’s cock and hefted it, testing the weight and girth before saying, “Wow, that’s one incredible fucking cock, dude!” and Michael groaned theatrically, it brought more chuckles.Michael grimaced, muttering, “That’s not helping at all, man!” and it was the final straw; it brought down the house.We howled at his embarrassment while appreciating his good-natured sense of humor about it, realizing yet again why we’d come to love and respect him so much. This was a guy that could have gone through life with a chip on his shoulder or been an asshole with an ego even larger than his massive frame, but he’d never shown us anything but friendship, kindness, humility, and even love. He truly didn’t mind being the butt of a joke, instead enjoying the laughter of his friends, and his self-deprecating manner was endearing and made him easy to be around.It was small wonder that he was the one man, despite his potentially intimidating size, sexuality, and masculinity, that I trusted with my wife, the love of my life. He’d never given me the slightest reason to doubt his honor nor his intentions, not from the day we’d met, and we’d all grown very close very quickly. I know Alli loves him, as he does her, but in the same way that Marci and I feel about each other. It’s hard to describe – not platonic, by any means – but utterly different than the love I feel for my wife. I suppose I should choose to simply appreciate it rather than trying to analyze it.Derek, smiling along with the rest of us, recognized another natural break point. He suggested that Michael go across the hall to the restroom to finish cleaning himself up and that the others chill for a few minutes, maybe get something to drink or use the facilities as needed,As Michael reached the door, Derek stopped him. “Michael, hey – are you going to be ready to go soon?”Michael shrugged. “Sure, I’ll be back in a few minutes.”“Let me clarify; I meant, are you going to be able to get it up again soon?”It was an unusually personal question, bluntly phrased, but I suppose Derek needed to know to plan his shots. I’d never been asked that question by anyone other than Alli, eager for round two, or maybe one or two other former partners, but always in a much more intimate and private setting.Michael seemed momentarily nonplussed but recovered quickly. “Yeah, I think so, sure – maybe not to that same ‘hard as a crowbar’ condition, but sure.”Derek turned toward Jason. “Jase, you got any of your magic pills with you?”Jason replied rhetorically, “Do bears fuck in the woods? Of course I do!”As he padded over to where his pants lay, his cock waving in front of him, as Derek turned back to Michael. “Any issues with a little chemical assist?”Michael laughed. “Hey, better living through science, right?”Jason returned with a small brown prescription bottle and shook a pill out into Michael’s palm. Michael looked at it. “I thought Viagra was blue.”Jason laughed, replying, “They are; that’s a Cialis, like Viagra on steroids. It will stay with you a good twenty-four hours, maybe longer if you weren’t such a big guy.” He glanced at me. “Want one?”“Me? I’m just standing here; no reason I need a boner I could drive nails with.” I wasn’t entirely comfortable with him handing out prescription pills like they were Skittles, but my ever-helpful assistant quickly overrode my objections as I watched Michael down his with a swallow of Coke.“Take it, boss, I promise you that tonight I’ll make you glad you did – and I’m betting you’ll make me glad you did!”Jason stared at her, glanced at Alli, and looked back at me. “Well… am I missing something? I thought you were Alli’s husband.”Marci giggled. “He is, and my boss, but we play sometimes and have plans for tonight. Alli wanted a shot at my guy’s huge schlong, and I couldn’t wait to get in the boss’s pants, so…”I know I was blushing and near-speechless after Marci’s sudden and unexpected disclosure. I muttered, “Thanks a lot, Marce. Lord…”She said, “Oh, come on! We’re all adults here, just take the boner pill and say thank you. I promise you won’t regret it.”Jason was laughing, as taken with Marci’s outrageous style as most people were. Being sexy and gorgeous apparently helps when you’re prone to saying a lot of crazy shit. “Take it, Dave; it’s not a problem, and I’ll make Derek reimburse me anyway – besides, with these two girls you’ll probably need it.”I held out my hand and he tapped the bottle, dropping a small, yellow, egg-shaped pill into my hand. “Thanks, Jason – and you’re right. With this horny girl, I’ll definitely need it.”He smiled. “It sounds like a lot of fun, and it’s very cool that you guys are that good of friends. Hey, let me know if you ever need a fifth for your games – or a third hard dick, as the case may be.”Michael returned and walked up to us as he said that, just as I was dropping the Cialis pill into my shirt pocket. “A third hard dick for what?”Marci smiled sweetly and stretched up to kiss him. “Hi, sweetie; get all that stickiness cleaned off?”He grunted, “Yeah, I’m good; a third hard dick for what?”“Jason was just offering to join us for our fun sometime, in case we wear you boys out. Wasn’t that nice of him, offering up that perpetually hard cock of his for me and Alli to enjoy?”Michael snorted. “Yeah, for sure; he’s a gentleman and a scholar. Appreciate it bud, very kind of you. Tell you what, don’t call us, we’ll call you.”Jason laughed again, not offended by Michael’s reticence. “Just an open offer in case you need me – and don’t forget, I’m very versatile. If one of the ladies taps out I can step in there too.”Michael groaned, and I laughed as he said, “Bro’, not the best time to remind me of that since he’s apparently going to have you manhandling me this afternoon!”Jason wiggled his eyebrows at Michael, leering lasciviously. “Hey, no reason at least one of us shouldn’t enjoy it, and I plan to!”Marci giggled at her boyfriend’s horrified expression, but then he chuckled ruefully. “Fuck! The things I let myself get talked into by beautiful women. When will I learn?”Kissing him again, Marci said, “Never, I hope. I sort of like you just like you are; big, black, hung and gullible.”He growled, “Hey, girl! You’re about to go over my knee for a good spanking!”She giggled, “Promises, promises – but no handprints unless Derek asks for them, remember.”He grinned cruelly. “Later – and that’s a promise.”“What’s a promise?” Alli, who had been talking with Jen and Derek, now joined us, smacking Jason’s bare bottom with a resounding slap as she came up behind him.He jumped but grinned. “Apparently Michael is going to give Marci a good spanking later tonight when you all get together to swap and play. I’d pay admission for a seat at that show!”Allison cooed, “Oooh, me too!”I looked at her. “You too what, a seat for the show or a spanking of your own?”“Both, but I meant the spanking. Sounds like fun!” She looked over at Jason, still pantsless, though now gradually going flaccid, but who was incongruously still wearing the jacket, shirt, and tie. “Derek told me to tell you to get naked, by the way. He doesn’t need you dressed…” her eyes dropped to his groin, “such as you are… anymore.”Marci raised her hand excitedly. “I second the motion!”Alli, laughing, joined in. “Third! Of course, I’ve seen it all before, but I wouldn’t mind seeing it all again.”Marci touched her arm. “Funny you’d say third – Jason just valiantly offered to be a third hard dick for our fun and games in case one of these guys tuckers out too soon.”Jason nodded. “Not just that, but think of all the possibilities it creates for other combinations.” He looked at Marci. “We could make you airtight, for example.”She giggled and blushed, but I think she found the idea very intriguing. Michael laughed, “Now you’re talking; it might be the only way we could shut her up!”Alli looked at me. “Sounds like fun, but I bet the guys aren’t on board.” When I shrugged noncommittally, she continued, “We could invite Jen and Will too; I just overheard her tell Will that he better get his tongue all limbered up, because she’s totally dripping wet after fondling Michael’s cock. We could make it an all-out orgy.”I knew she was just kidding, but at least with Jennifer included the idea sounded more attractive; I thought she was cute as could be, and I know Michael did too, so getting her naked would be one in the plus column for us. Then Marci had to take it one step too far and spoil the fantasy.“And if we’re inviting everyone else we’ll need to invite Derek too - to avoid being rude, not just because he’s so handsome and sexy. Hmm, sounds about right, three women and five guys. That might work out perfectly!”Michael growled, “Never mind; I think I’m good with just our original foursome.”I nodded. “Me too; sorry, Jason, but we just started and we’re still getting to know each other that way, so we’d better take a pass for now.”He nodded agreeably. “Hey, no problem, I understand completely, even if I am a little disappointed and destined to stay horny. Keep me in mind for a later date, or if you change your mind – and remember, I’m versatile!”Alli giggled, nudging me. “Yeah, remember that he’s versatile, in case you get tired of the same old thing all the time.”I smiled, shaking my head. “I don’t foresee that ever becoming a problem, but thanks for the offer.”Derek called them over, and Jason, being the pro he was, immediately was all-business. He looked at Michael. “You ever used any ED meds before?”“No, never had a need – I’m still young!”Jason laughed. “That’s not their only purpose in life, not in this profession; consider it a recreational drug. Okay, just so you know; it won’t do much of anything for you for at least thirty minutes, and it might take an hour or a little more to have the full effect – oh, and you might get a slight headache or some sinus issues.”Michael frowned. “What the fuck good is a pill that makes your dick stiff if it gives you a headache?”Jason nodded. “I know; perverse, huh? And it makes your sinus tissues swell for more or less the same reason it makes your cock swell, I suppose.”“Perfect, a nose boner. What’s the point of that?”The girls were laughing at his discomfiture, but Jason just shrugged. “Nothing good comes without a price. I think you’ll enjoy it though, and I know the ladies will. Shit, I wonder if you need to take two of these when your cock is that big.”When Michael stared at him, he laughed. “Just kidding; one will be plenty, especially for a young, healthy guy. You don’t need any humiliating trips to the ER.”As they wandered over toward Derek, I heard Michael mutter, “Fuck, one more thing to worry about!”I stayed in the background, trying to be unobtrusive as he called them around him and explained his plans for the remainder of the afternoon. He wanted to explore the black stud - white cuckold theme a little more deeply, but he also wanted some shots of the two girls playing humiliation games with Jason, some with Michael looking on.I didn’t get the significance of that; a pimp, maybe, watching two of his girls with a client? I decided to wait and see.He was also discussing what he called CFNM, or clothed female, naked male, with Jason acting as the embarrassed naked guy, and what he wanted the ladies to wear for those scenes. I noticed that Jason was slowly masturbating, getting himself hard and ready again. Because I had noticed, I also saw when Marci reached in and took over for him, more than happy to give him a helping hand. It was an indication, I figured, of how horny she still was, doing that with Michael standing right there.He noticed too, I saw, and sort of rolled his eyes, but because Alli was fondling him he really couldn’t say much about it. From behind her, I hadn’t realized that she was doing that either, but now, looking more closely, I could see her shoulder moving rhythmically as she ran her hand up and down the length of Michael's semi-hard shaft. His ass muscles tightened into hard, square blocks as Alli fondled him, and I knew, whether he was fully hard yet or not, that it felt good.When Derek started to set up with just his prior three - Michael, Jason, and Alli - Marci rejoined me in the cheap seats. “I guess I’m still on the bench for the moment. You wanna sneak off somewhere and fuck?”“Marci!”“What? I’m so horny I’m about to die!”“Me too, and really that doesn’t sound at all bad, to be honest. But no, let’s try to be good and save ourselves for later.”“Don’t know about you, boss, but I’m always good, and I’ll be ready again five minutes later – or less. You trying to tell me you might not?”“It’s a possibility, yes.”“You take your magic pill?”I shook my head. “Not yet; I’m not part of the action for hours yet, so I saw no need to be sitting here with my dick any harder than it already is – if it can get any harder than it already is.”She giggled. “Cute! You want a blowjob?”“Marci, jeez!” I looked at her and smiled. “And yes, desperately, but I’m really trying to be good and not sneak around our respective significant others. Hold that thought, though.”“No danger of me forgetting it,” she grumbled, and I laughed.“You get kind of crabby when you’re horny and frustrated, you know that?”“You ain’t seen nuthin’ yet, boss.” She moved in front of me, pressing her ass back into my groin as we watched the others get started on the next sequence of photos. Slowly humping her ass against my aching bulge, she seemed intent on making sure that I was every bit as horny and frustrated as she was – which, of course, I already was!Derek had posed Michael sitting in an upholstered chair, leaning back, with Alli straddling his lap cowgirl style, her breasts in his face. He took a few shots of that pose before moving Jason in, placing him on his knees between Michael’s feet, and instructing him to hold Michael’s mostly erect cock upright just below Alli’s pussy, giving the impression that he was the husband, guiding her lover’s huge cock into her.I could see Michael tense when Derek instructed Jason to touch his cock, but when he was instructed to suck and lick Alli’s eager nipples it seemed to take his mind off it. Either way, whether it was Alli’s boobs, Jason’s hands on his cock, or the drugs he had onboard, his cock hardened and grew noticeably during the few minutes it took Derek to capture the shots he wanted. He was soon rock-hard, huge and thick, the heavy veins of his cock bulging with arousal.Without waiting for instructions, Jason cupped Michael
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’s heavy balls with his other hand and leaned in to kiss low on Alli’s ass, slowly trailing his tongue up the valley between her perfect cheeks. Derek loved it and clicked away madly, as did Jen, and I saw Allison shiver with arousal as she lowered herself just enough for the thick tip of Michael’s cock to nestle between her inner lips, looking for all the world as if he was poised to enter her – which, of course, he was! She was dripping with arousal, and all she’d have had to do was lower herself to take as much of that huge cock as she wanted. As wet and ready as she was, even Michael’s huge cock would slide in very nicely.The thought of that thick shaft stretching her as it slid into her tight, velvet grip almost did me in, knowing it would make my wife come yet again as it filled her. I pushed Marci away before her ass against my crotch could take me past the point of no return, struggling to regain control, barely succeeding - at least for the moment.Marci knew why I’d pushed her away, of course, and reached back to see if she could finish the job, but I was fortunate to grab her arm before she could find her target. “Don’t, Marce. Seriously, I don’t need the humiliation, okay?”“Killjoy! You made me come, so now I should get a turn.”“Yeah, I know, but you didn’t make the mess I would, and everyone didn’t have to know. It’s different when it involves an embarrassing wet spot.”“It doesn’t seem to be bothering him much.” She nodded toward Will, who was to Derek’s left, adjusting the angle of a light stand, and I saw she was right.The poor kid had a long, wet oval darkening his right pants leg from about six or eight inches below his crotch almost down to his knee where he’d lost control and come, spurting his arousal down his leg. I felt bad for him even as I wondered what it was that had pushed him over the edge, but I fully understood how it could happen! The thing was, he’s just a dopey kid, and I, at least theoretically, was an adult and expected to have more self-control. That’s how I felt, anyway, and I had no intention of allowing Marci to prove otherwise.“Wow, that’s the second time that I know of that’s happened to him. The first time I guess Jen helped the process along, but still. Poor kid; occupational hazard, I suppose.”“Tell the truth, boss; you’d have given your left nut to have his job when you were that age.”I laughed. “True, and I’m sure I’d have had the same result. I was a very horny kid. Fortunately, delivering pizzas never resulted in anything like that.”“News flash, chief; you’re a very horny adult too. I sure wish poor Will had said something, I’d have offered my services. That looks like it must have been a huge load, just right for a tasty snack, or all over my tits. Yum!”“One of the things I love about you, Marce, your spirit of altruism, always willing to give.”“Until it hurts, if necessary… wow, look at that! Is that something you’d like to do, hmmm?”While we’d been noticing and discussing Sir Will of the Wet Pants, Derek had rearranged his grouping so that Jason was now on his back on the low settee, Alli kneeling upright above him so that her pussy was just above his face. Jason, the Amazing Priapic Man, had his hands on her thighs, his cock once again standing up from his groin like an obscene rhino horn, hard as stone, with one of Alli’s hands encircling the head of it.Michael was behind Allison, his cock between her legs so that her pussy was against the dorsal side of his hard shaft, the shiny purple head of his cock and a couple of inches of dark, throbbing meat protruding in front of her like she’d sprouted a very thick, though very short cock. Michael had to lower himself to get his cock between her legs like that, which he’d done by moving his knees farther apart. This left his heavy balls virtually resting on Jason’s face, but if either of them found that disagreeable in any way it didn’t carry over to their sex organs, which were gloriously tumescent, perfect oversized specimens of male arousal and virility.It was an erotic scene, there could be no question of that, and even as the illicit thrill ran through me I could see that Alli felt it as well, her nipples hard as diamonds and her neck and face flushed with arousal.Marci, being Marci, was unable to simply be quiet and allow me to appreciate the scene, however. “Well, wouldja? Would you enjoy doing that, being in his position?”“Jeez, Marce; can’t you ever just enjoy something in silence?”“Not that I can recall, no; now you answer my question.”“Which one?”She looked puzzled. “I only asked you one.”“No, I mean which position are you asking if I’d enjoy, Jason’s or Michael’s?”“Oh, that which one; Jason’s, I meant. Would you enjoy having a front row seat like that, where you could not only see Michael sliding into Alli, but hear it too, maybe smell their arousal… touch, even taste if you wanted to?”Derek continued to work, repositioning his subjects and taking numerous shots as Marci and I quietly discussed things. I wasn’t sure if I was happy or upset that she was distracting me from the action but shooting the breeze with a naked and visibly aroused Marci wasn’t exactly punishment either.I groaned. “Fuck, Marce, you’re killing me here. Yeah, in all honesty, I’d probably enjoy it, but it’s a moot point; I don’t want Michael’s balls in my face, and he doesn’t want my face in his balls.”Marci giggled. “That’s very funny – but we’ll see. Maybe something similar, Michael drilling her from behind, you lying under them like that, licking Alli’s clit, me riding the fuck out of that hard cock of yours while Alli and I play a little suck-face or nipple-tickle. Gosh, the possibilities are almost endless!”“Have I told you lately what a horny slut you are?”“Yes, but a girl can never hear it too often!”I heard Derek call out to Marci, and she jumped up. “Oops, we’ll have to discuss your kinkiness in greater detail later boss; my services are required.” She pretended to primp as she strutted forward. “All right, Mr. DeMille, I’m ready for my closeup.”Derek smiled. “You’re a firecracker, that’s for sure. I should get a discount for putting up with your sass.”He told Michael to take a little break and relax as he called Alli, Marci, and Jason around him. I could hear him telling them what he’d planned and how he wanted them dressed, then he sent them to prepare and walked over to where I stood talking to Michael.He addressed Michael first. “Mike, I’d like to get just a few more poses of you with Allison and Jason before we call it a day, but I’m hoping that pill kicks in fully for you first, which is why I’ve switched things up; I want the biggest, hardest cock that you can give me when you’re making love to the wife. The husband has to appear completely outclassed, you understand?”Michael nodded, obviously uncomfortable with the explicit instructions regarding the role he was to play, but answered in the affirmative. “I’ll do my best; I don’t think it will be an issue.”“That’s the spirit.” He turned to me. “So, what do you think so far? Are you enjoying seeing what we do, how Alli works in front of the camera?”I nodded. “It’s been interesting, that’s for sure; eye-opening. It looks like harder work than I would have guessed.”“It can be very exhausting, but I try to keep it fun too. How did you like the theme of these last few scenes, the cuckold genre? Erotic enough for you?”I paused, but then looked him in the eye and answered. “It’s unquestionably erotic, but to tell you the truth I thought at first that it was just another take on a very tired cliché. The black stud - white wife - weak, white cuckold thing has been done to death, after all.”He frowned. He didn’t appear upset by my honest response, more concerned, already considering what he might have done wrong or could have done differently. “You think it’s too much of a stereotype? Banal?”“I did at first, like I said. As you went on and the three of them got comfortable together it became intensely erotic. Jason is not your prototype wimpy husband, first of all, and I think they kind of forgot the camera at times and just, you know, did what felt good; if you were able to capture that then you likely have some incredible images. It’s been done a lot, but probably not at your level of skill and creativity.”“Thanks,” he nodded. “I saw that too, the heat they developed, and I think I caught it. Your wife has a very powerful natural sensuality that the camera loves, and both of our male subjects are hot as hell.” He smiled at Michael as he said that, and Michael gave him a nod of acknowledgment. “I hope they come out as well as I think they will. I wish I could use your cum shot, Mike; that was incredible, flaming hot. I envied you.”Michael shrugged nonchalantly, but I knew he was embarrassed. “Very unexpected too, but that’s Alli for you.”Derek laughed as he turned back to me. “It’s interesting that you thought I might be beating a dead horse with that theme; I had the same concerns, to be honest, but when I saw how our players looked together naked, I knew I had to give it a try. If I can get five or six truly hot, erotic shots from that series, I’ll be very happy.”My jaw dropped. “Five or six photos, total, from all of those shots you took? You shot hundreds of frames!”He laughed. “I’m my own harshest critic, Dave. I need to be; my reputation depends on it. Every detail of each image will be looked at under high magnification before any see the light of day, which is why my trust in your discretion with the files I give to Alli to bring home is so critical. Those are completely uncut and unmodified.”I shook my head. “Wow. I had no idea.”He laughed again. “There’s a good chance only one or two of the shots I’ve taken today will make it into the book.”I stared. “You just said five or six, which was already crazy.”“No, that’s for limited edition framed prints or special request one-of-a-kind prints, which are always in demand and can command huge sums. Collectors of erotica will pay handsomely for limited editions, and especially for single-issue art, especially when the subject is as uniquely gorgeous as Alli. Those will be the cream of the crop, while the book will be the cream of the cream.”“Holy shit!”I could see that Michael was as shocked as I was, but he laughed at my reaction. “Bro’ how many real estate deals do you work that never come together?”I grimaced. “Too many, but my score rate is still way more than five or six out of a thousand.”Derek smiled. “Yes, but how many hours do you spend on each miss? Each of my winners takes only a matter of minutes, although editing and culling will take hours. For the most part, the losers are easy to discard.”“Valid point.” Behind him, I could see Alli, Marci, and Jason milling about. The two girls were dressed as they had been that morning, in their own floral dresses, while Jason was wearing baggy khakis and a very geeky striped polo shirt.He looked woefully miscast, muscular and confident, way too much the sexy stud, and when Derek turned and saw them he sighed. “That’s just wrong; if I was casting a male stripper surprise CFNM scene he’d be perfect, but I wanted my male to be more the geeky nerd type that the ladies could have a little fun with. They were supposed to be humiliating him as they had fun with him, not getting turned on by some stud.”I nodded. “Yeah, I see what you mean. You really need to find a model more along the lines of your assistant, Will.”His head snapped around and he looked at me thoughtfully. “Will… hmm.” He glanced around the room. “Where the hell is that boy?”“I… uh, I think he stepped out to hit the bathroom.” I’d seen him duck out as soon as Derek had paused the shoot, holding a box in front of him to hide his shame. I think only Marci and I were aware of his little accident, possibly Jen, and I saw no reason to mention it to the others and embarrass him any further.He called out to his other assistant, “Jen, find Will for me; I need to ask him something.” It hadn't been my intention to set Will up as the wimpy model Derek needed, I'd merely been pointing him out as the right type.Nonetheless, she took off, returning moments later with Will in tow. I was mildly surprised to see that he’d changed pants and was now clean and dry, but then I remembered his earlier mishap when Jen had teased him a bit too much and mentally congratulated him for adapting to the prevailing conditions and being prepared.As they came up to us, Derek said, “Will, how would you like to earn an extra five hundred bucks?”Before he could reply, I cut in. “Make him pay you a thousand.”Derek’s eyes cut to me. “You just shut up, Dave; you’ve done enough damage.” Michael and I were both laughing as he went on, “Okay, fuck it, a thousand bucks. Easiest money you’ll ever make.”Will looked at each of us in turn, as if trying to figure out if someone was playing a prank on him. “Well… sure, Mr. Chambers, I guess. I could sure use the money, but what would I have to do?” He glanced down with visible trepidation at Michael’s cock, as if fearful that perhaps he’d be somehow involved with that awe-inspiring appendage.Derek put a hand on his shoulder. “Nothing disagreeable, son; you’d be posing for about an hour or so with two very beautiful women.”Will’s eyes immediately went to Alli, who was still talking to Jason and then flicked to Marci, who was approaching us, and Derek laughed. “Yes, those two; I sense that you don’t find that idea entirely distasteful.”Will stammered, “Wh-what? No, of course not, they’re both amazing, but I’m not a model.”Marci only overheard his final words, but having no idea what’s going on has never kept her from blundering ahead. “I’m not a model either. Everyone here who is not a model, please raise your right hand.”Every right hand went up except for Jason’s and Derek actually laughed out loud. “Yes, this is a bit of an unorthodox shoot – but Allison, my lovely, I have to disagree; you are most assuredly a model.”She blushed prettily, but she did lower her hand. Derek went on, “There, you see? Now take off your clothes so that I can see if you’re suitable for what I have in mind.”“Here? In front of everyone?”His voice came out in a startled squeak, and Derek smiled as he replied, “Yes, Will; you’ll be posing with Alli and Marci, and Jen and I will be working around you so if we’re going to do this we’ll all see you eventually.”He failed to mention that it wasn’t strictly necessary for me, Michael or Jason to be present, but I don’t think that’s what was bothering Will in any event, as that’s just locker room-normal; it was clearly the women that concerned him, and Derek had pointed out that being seen naked by them was inevitable. I saw his shyness warring with the idea of the extra grand in his pocket, and eventually the money – and perhaps the idea of posing with Marci and my wife – won out. He started unbuttoning his shirt.Undressing in a room full of people seemed to me like it might just be worse, in terms of embarrassing situations, than walking into the room already naked. If the four already-nude players gave him any comfort at all, it didn’t show, and he seemed terribly ill at ease, but he plunged onward. We all tried to make small talk and act normal, making it a point to not stare at him, and it appeared to be easing his nerves.Right up, that is, until Marci began to blare out the notes of ‘The Stripper’. “Buh-bup-buhhh, buh-buh-bup-buhhh, bup-bup-buhhh,buh-bupbupbup-buhhh-bupbabuh…”Will turned crimson, everyone laughed, and the tension shattered. Even Will giggled as he kicked out of his pants and stood there in only his tighty-whities, the front tented out over his obvious erection. He was slender to the point of being skinny and quite pale. He wasn’t flabby, but what muscle he had was of the lean whippet type, designed for speed or endurance rather than strength, and what little definition existed was subtle, not the ridges and bulges that Michael, and, to a lesser extent, Derek displayed.In only Jockeys and horn-rimmed glasses, Will looked every bit the skinny nerd that Derek had said he wanted, and I could see that he was pleased with the prospect. He verbally prodded the young man. “Those too, Will.”He looked utterly humiliated, much as I would have in his position, but gamely hooked his thumbs in the elastic and slid them down, carefully avoiding meeting anyone’s eyes. He straightened, nervously twisting his underwear into a tight ball between his hands. Despite the load he’d soaked his pants with just a short time before, his cock was hard and upright, locked and loaded as it curved out from his abdomen and strained upward toward his navel.He wasn’t large, probably just about average in length, but quite slender; long and skinny, not unlike Will’s overall build, his cock seemed to suit him. Relative to Michael and Jason, however, the other men who had appeared naked that day, he looked quite small.Like his legs and chest, his groin was almost hairless, just a thin blond fuzz on his balls and over his pubic bone, and his nervousness and the resulting surge of adrenalin had drawn his ballsack up tight to his crotch so that the entire apparatus looked no larger than a golf ball.Derek nodded, satisfied with his choice. “Perfect, Will, I think you’ll do nicely. Do you think you’ll be able to control yourself, posing with the ladies?”Will frowned, still blushing. “Control myself?”Before Derek could explain, Marci again jumped in, stepping over to put her hand on the young man’s arm. “I think what he wants to know, dear, is will Willy weestwain his willy or won’t he? He’s worried you might get… umm, let’s say over-excited.”It took the barest moment for Will to translate her Elmer Fudd impression and catch the drift, but then his blush deepened as he giggled self-consciously. “Oh! Gosh, I hope so! Wow… I mean, I’ll try my best.”Alli had also crossed to him, and she touched his other arm. “We’ll take it easy on you, sweetie, don’t worry. I won’t play any dirty tricks on you like I did on Michael, I promise.”He smiled gratefully, but Marci wasn’t about to let him off the hook so easily. She stretched up and whispered in his ear – she told me later that she’d revealed that she was aware of his earlier mishap – and at the same time reached down and gave his balls two quick squeezes. “Beep-beep! I make no such promise, so good luck reining in your willy, Willy. Now go get dressed so we can strip you down and see what pops up.”He jumped when she grabbed his nuts but laughed as he shuffled off, his cock still straining mightily. Derek called after him to wear his own pants, which were a pair of salmon-colored skinny jeans he’d changed into, but to get the striped polo from Jason. That would be a particularly ugly combo, as even though the shirt contained several different colored stripes, not one of the colors even remotely worked with salmon. He’d just upped the geek factor considerably.As he was changing Alli came over and gave me a kiss. “Are you enjoying yourself so far?”“Yeah, it’s been interesting, to say the least. Do you always have this much fun at work?”She laughed. “It’s usually pretty laid back, but having more people involved has definitely upped the fun factor. With Marci involved, it’s inevitable because you never know what she’s going to do next.”I looked at her. “Marci? You’re the one that set off the fireworks a while ago with that little trick with Michael. And to think, I figured you were only kidding when you said you were going to do that.”“I was only kidding when I said it, but when we started teasing each other I think we both got a little carried away.”“You came too, didn’t you? It looked like you had a pretty major ‘O’.”Her eyes searched my face before she glanced away. “I did, yes. I’m sorry. I didn’t expect to, I was focused on teasing him, but then all of a sudden I was right there with him. It wasn’t planned.”“You don’t have to apologize, you know. I love that you’re a very sexual, sensual person, so it probably surprised me less than it did you.” I laughed softly. “If anything about it surprises me it’s the fact that you were able to reach orgasm so easily in front of a room full of people. That’s so much not you, at least not you before all of this photography and modeling and everything began. That would never have happened even just a few months ago.”She nodded yes, agreeing with me, but said, “No, you’re right. I don’t think it would have happened now either with anyone other than you or Michael. I’m intimate with both of you and I trust and love you both so I’m able to relax and enjoy; plus, knowing that we’re planning a ‘play’ evening with them tonight already had me so incredibly horny. Throw in the shots we were doing earlier, touching Michael and Jason and them touching me, and I was an easy mark.”I nodded. “I know, and I wasn’t criticizing. Fuck, I’d have never held out as long as either you or Michael did after all that! It’s natural and it was pretty amazing to watch, it just surprised me that you could do it.”“Me too. It felt wonderful if that’s any consolation.”“Mmm. Not for me so much; my balls are undoubtedly a beautiful shade of indigo by now.”She laughed. “So you’ve found it arousing, then?”“Oh, yes, you could say that, especially if you were striving for a massive understatement. Sir Leaksalot has been very busy.”She giggled as she reached out and squeezed my hard cock through my slacks. “Have you taken that pill? You’re really hard!”“No, that’s all me – and you, and Marci, and your playfriends. Frankly, I’m a little afraid to take that pill when I’m already locked in the full upright position.” Michael strolled up just then, and I laughed. “I could end up like this guy!”‘This guy’, who had downed his Cialis awhile ago, had a dick like a fencepost. He was hugely erect, so hard that it almost looked painful with the way the veins were bulging along the length of his thick shaft. His cock, erect, usually doesn’t stand upright so much just because of the laws of physics; with his length and thickness, gravity takes over and the sheer weight of it pulls it downward. Even fully hard, in the limited number of times I’d seen him, Michael’s cock didn’t seem to rise much above horizontal.Not that day. With the benefit of the drug he’d taken, it was jutting out at a good forty-five degrees above horizontal, bobbing slightly with his footsteps. He laughed. “Feel this motherfucker! Man, it feels like I’ve got a crowbar sticking outta my crotch! That shit works as advertised it seems.”Alli, never one to pass up an opportunity to seize a big, stiff cock, took him up on the offer and wrapped her hand around his shaft as far as her fingers would reach. “Wow,” she giggled, “that’s amazing! That’s really, really hard! Huge too… I mean, you’re always big, but holy shit!”He looked at me. “Feel it, dude.”I shook my head. “Thanks for the offer, but no. Bud, you’re getting way too comfortable with this shit way too quickly. You’re starting to worry me.”He laughed. “Fuck that, it’s a single-time occurrence, not an open-ended offer. Just feel it, you’ll be amazed.”“Seriously, no thanks; I’ve got one of those magic beans to take myself. I’ll feel my own dick later, when the magic kicks in, and we can compare notes.”Alli laughed at my reticence. “Don’t be such a big baby! Feel it, it won’t bite. It has been known to spit randomly and unexpectedly, but it won’t bite.”Before they could apply any more pressure Derek called Alli and Marci to him. I saw that Will was dressed and ready, although he looked more nervous than an anal virgin heading for his first prison shower. He’d been hesitant in any event, but Derek questioning him about his ability to avoid any unplanned geyser events seemed to have given him something entirely new to add to his worries.Derek told them what he wanted, for the ladies to tease him a little and slowly undress him, starting with unzipping him and bringing the dangly bits out into the bright lights. He didn’t turn them loose to begin posing until he cautioned the girls to not do anything to set Will off prematurely, earning a laugh from them and a fresh blush from Will.I wondered, with as nervous as he appeared, if he might have trouble getting and keeping it up at all, but when Alli reached down and stroked his very visible bulge, which his pink skinny jeans made all the more obvious, it was apparent that my concerns were for naught.

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