She has a craving for shopping and rides a student

She has a craving for shopping and rides a student

                                    A n October Afternoon.   It was a slow in the office that early October afternoon so Wendy left early for the day.   Pulling into her driveway, she saw her son Brandon’s car which meant he'd already picked up his younger sister, Brittany, from high school cheerleading practice.   Once inside the house, Wendy kicked off her shoes then went to the kitchen and found the kid’s books on the dinette but, no evidence of the usual afternoon snacking.   Calling for the kids she heard no reply so set out to find them.   Seeing no sign of them in the living room or den she walked down the long hallway towards their bedrooms.   Hearing her daughter giggling and the sound of bed springs squeaking, Wendy approached the partially opened door and couldn’t believe her eyes.   On the bed lay Brittany, wearing nothing but the socks and saddle shoes from her cheerleading uniform, with knees raised and spread wide.   Between her legs was brother Brandon, also naked, thrusting himself steadily into his sister.       Shocked, Wendy hesitated, unsure of what to do.   Thankfully, her anxiety pills were keeping her from having an attack.   Peeking thru the door again, her eyes moved around the room.   On the floor was Brittany’s cheerleading skirt, sweater and shirt and next to them, Brandon’s jeans, t-shirt and boxers.   On the night stand was an open box of condoms so at least they were taking some precautions.   Everything   Wendy saw and heard suggested this wasn’t the first time they’d done this.       The giggling soon stopped, replaced with Brittany’s moaning, “Ohhhh, ohhhh.”.   She lay with head and arms resting back on the pillows, watching her brother’s well muscled body working to please her. After a couple more minutes of steady stroking she said to her brother, “Mmmm…keep going.   I feel another one coming on.”.   Is she talking about having an orgasm, Wendy thought to herself?   And another one at that!        As Brandon applied himself more vigorously, Brittany began squirming as he wound her spring tighter and tighter.   To keep her still, he wedged her between his out stretched arms.   Moments later, Brittany clutched the bed spread tightly with both hands, raised her chest   and cried loudly, “Ohhhhh, m’ god!”.     Brandon continued while she squealed in delight then groaned loudly with equal satisfaction.   Slumping down on her, his larger body nearly covering his sister’s except for her hands, still gripping the bedspread, and twitching legs hanging over the sides of her bed.   Breathless from her orgasm, Brit slowly said, “Wow, huh, huh, that one, huh, huh, made me dizzy.” “It was awesome for me to.   So, that’s two for me and three for you.   If we go for one more each, we’ll have a new record for getting ourselves off in one afternoon.” “And you’re still nice and hard.   We’ve been in bed for almost hour now!” “Makin’ my sexy sister cum like crazy really turns me on.”, then added as he sat up, “And that sample of Viagra that Josh gave me must be helpin’ to.”    “I’m sure lovin’ what you do to me with this.”, Brittany complimented, squeezing his condom covered penis then asked, “So, should we go for the record breaker?” “Looks like we have time before Mom gets home.   I’m up for it.” “You definitely are!”, she replied, again squeezing his ongoing erection. “Let me clean up and put another condom on then we’ll go for it.”   The Viagra and it’s apparent effect on his young body was now another concern for Wendy to address.   I n her mind, she rationalized that her son and daughter were simply two hormone addled teenagers satisfying their curiosity about sex and each other’s bodies.   Not unlike Wendy who at the same age but without older brothers, took her young Uncle Harry up on his offer to satisfy her.       Brittany sat on the edge of her bed waiting anxiously for Brandon’s return.   Wendy could easily understand her son’s physical attraction to his sister.   Brittany’s skin was smooth and fair with just a few traces of the past summer’s tan.   She had a sweet face with brown eyes and a turned up nose. Her light brown hair was cut just above the shoulders.   Less mature than other girls her age, Brit’s breasts were small but, long, slim legs and a cute little behind made up for that.   When Brandon returned, Wendy looked out of curiosity to see if he was “still nice and hard”.   It had been years since she’d seen this part of her son’s anatomy and never in such an aroused state.   Brittany was right and strictly from a woman’s point of view, it was worthy of attention, even desire.     While Brandon donned another condom, Brittany stood and stretched as though she were beginning a workout.   She then playfully jumped backwards onto the bed landing with arms and legs spread wide.   As the bed settled, she offered, “Okay, Big Brother.   I’m all yours!.”.   Debating on whether to stay or go, Wendy decided to leave and let them get this out of their system.   Tiptoeing down the hallway, she heard her son return to the bed and Brittany sigh, “ooooh”, as she was penetrated once again.   In the kitchen, Wendy sipped an iced tea as they went about satisfying themselves one more time.   Her plan was that after they’d finished,   she’d make some noise, pretending to come home for the first time, give them time to dress then greet them.   Thru the hallway, came sounds of her children in bed together.   Having had three orgasms already, Brittany was more vocal as Brandon coaxed the next one from her.   When it hit, a shrill squeal echoed down the hallway.   Thinking Brandon would follow, Wendy was finishing her tea when she then heard Brittany say, “Oh, Brandon, please stop.   I can’t take any more.”.   Worried about her daughter, Wendy   quickly opened and closed the kitchen door then called to her kids, “I’m home.”     Several minutes later, Brittany wandered into the kitchen to greet her mother.   Wendy immediately noticed her flushed look and mussed hair as she walked somewhat bow-legged towards her.   “Hi Mommy.”, Brittany said sweetly. “Hello, Sweetie.   My…you look a little worse for wear.” “Oh, I had a tough workout after school.   Cheerleading, I mean.” “I see. And where’s Brandon?” “He’s not feeling well so he’s back in his room.” “Well, we’d better check on him.” “Mom, maybe…”, Brittany tried to explain as her mom headed towards Brandon’s room.   Entering, Wendy saw him sitting on the bed and immediately noticed the obvious bulge in the front of his sweatpants. “What’s wrong, Hunny,”, Wendy asked, “are you sick?” “Not exactly.   It’s my ah…my penis.” “Well, what’s wrong with it.   It looks swollen.” “It kinda’ got hard and now it won’t go down.” “Brandon, how long have you had this…erection?” “Since we got home from school about an hours and a half ago.” “Do you know anything about this?”, Wendy asked her daughter.   Brittany blushed and shrugged her shoulders.   Sensing an opportunity to address what had been going on, Wendy leaned against her son’s desk and said, “Listen kids, I know what you were doing this afternoon and also about the Viagra.”.   Stunned, they looked at each other then turned back to their mother.   “Let me say I’m really concerned over this but, I’m not mad.   I just want to know how this all started and I want you to be honest with me.”.   The kids looked at each other again before Brandon began, “Since I’m the oldest, I guess I should have known better and controlled myself.” “Well it wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t let you.”, Brit defended him. “Brittany, were you teasing or flirting with Brandon?”, Wendy questioned. “Maybe.” , she answered, “Most guys ignore me when I do.   He doesn’t.” “And most girls don’t flirt much with me but, Brit does.”, Brandon added. “Sounds like the right combination.”, Wendy concluded, “So when did it start?”   Brittany didn’t go all the way back to the beginning of summer when they began by masturbating together.   She also skipped the many summer screwings by Brandon that followed.   Instead, she explained how a couple of weeks ago when the new cheerleading uniforms were given out, she offered to try it on for Brandon and show him their new cheers.   “At first he didn’t pay much attention but, when I started doing the ones with kicks and splits, he began to watch.   Afterwards, you couldn’t miss it, he had a lump in his pants like he does now.   Even though I knew what it was, I still asked how he got it.” “I should have just left.”, Brandon continued with their fabrication, “But, instead, I told her that I got it from watching her.   Then she asked if she could see it.” “Brittany, that’s terrible.”, scolded her mother. “I know….”, Brittany sulked then lied, “but I’d never seen one before.   He only showed me after I begged him.   Then after I looked, he said I could touch it if I wanted.” “Brandon, that’s just awful.”, Wendy said scolding her son. “After I touched it, I asked if he’d ever been with a girl.   He said he hadn’t but wanted to.   Just too shy to ask.   I kinda’ been thinking about it to so I said, ‘You wanna try it with me.’.   At first, he wasn’t sure but, I begged and he finally agreed.   He had some condoms he’d been keeping in his car, just in case, and we started that afternoon.” Brandon continued, “We went to Brit’s room because she said mine smelled funny.   Brit was shy to undress , so I went first, took everything off and sat in her desk chair.   She got as far as her sweater and skirt then stopped so___.” “So to talk me out of my panties and bra,”, Brit interrupted, “he said I looked sexy and to prove it, pointed to how hard he was getting for me.   I took that stuff off and watched as it kept growing and growing.   I didn’t think it would ever stop.”, she said swimming in her thoughts.   “When I started to untie my shoes, he said to leave them on ‘cause he liked the way I looked with nothing but my socks and saddle shoes on.”   “I put on a condom,”, Brandon continued their story, “and we got on her bed.   Brit laid down then decided to prop herself up on her elbows to watch.   I took it easy after she complained but as soon as she felt comfortable, we really started screwing.”.   “Don’t worry, Mom, he didn’t hurt me.”, Brit reassured her.   “As Brandon kept going, it felt better and better until this awesome let go inside and really shook me.   I was still shaking hours after we got dressed.”   Wendy looked at her children thinking how cute they were together and how clearly they were b
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rother and sister.   Their discussion had been arousing so to clear her mind she said, “Well, I’m glad you at least had the sense to use some protection.” “We’ve been careful and I’ve used them every time.”, Brandon assured. “Yeah, they’re expensive.”, Brit said, “So each week I’ve been giving Brandon half my allowance to help pay for them.” “So how often do you two engage in this.” “Just about every day we’re home alone after school.”, Brandon replied. “Mom, we can’t help ourselves.”, Brittany explained, “It feels sooo good!” “Well, we will have to discuss this later.”, Wendy said, “Right now we need to deal with Brandon’s situation.   I’ll call my sister, Robin and ask her what to do.” “Why her, Mom.”, Brandon asked. “Because she’s a nurse and may know how to deal with that.”, his mom answered   pointing bulge then finished with, “Brittany, you better come with me.   Your brother doesn’t need any added stimulation.”        They went to the kitchen where Wendy called to discuss their situation with Robin.   Once a plan had been decided on, they returned to Brandon.   “Robin says she’ll be right.”, Wendy explained to her son, “She’ll want to examine you before deciding how we can get your erection to relax.”.   Brandon looked panicked after hearing this as Brittany quietly snickered in the background. “Mom, do you realize how weird that’ll be.”, he said. “You should have thought about that before taking the Viagra.”, she scolded   Within ten minutes, Robin arrived, entered without a knock and found the family in Brandon’s room.   Knowing the situation, she easily spotted the “problem” and her eyes seemed to widen as she considered the situation.   “Thanks for coming so quickly.”, Wendy said breaking the silence as she gave her sister a quick hug.   “Hi Brittany, Hey Buddy.”, she said turning to acknowledge each of the kids. “So…where should we start?”, Wendy asked Robin. “I should probably examine him to determine whether there’s a chance it will relax on it’s own.”, Robin explained, “He might feel better if you two left the room.”   Following those instructions Wendy and Brittany left the room and closed the door.   “Don’t worry, Buddy.”, Aunt Robin said in a calm tone, “We’ll get you back to normal.   How ‘bout slipping those pants down so I can see how serious this is.”.   Blushing with embarrassment, Brandon rose from the bed and when freed from the confinement of his sweat pants, the fullness of his erection slapped against his belly.   “Oh, my goodness.”, she said with astonishment.   “I’m going to use my hand to determine just how firm the muscle is, okay?”, she asked.   Avoiding eye contact, he nodded his consent.   Grasping his erection she reported, “My…you’re extremely rigid.”.   After moving her hand up and down the length of it a few times she concluded her exam.    Brandon wasn’t sure but thought he detected a smile come to her face as she did so.     When finished, Aunt Robin had him pull up his pants and lie back on the bed while she spoke with his mother in the hallway.   In a hushed tone Wendy asked, “So what do you think?   Can we do anything to help him?” “The Viagra is doing what it’s supposed to do and his penis will only relax when fully satisfied or with medication.   I’d suggest we avoid an embarrassing trip to the emergency room.” “It’s worth a try so how do we do it?” “Same way you would with any man but, in his case, something more stimulating and erotic is needed.   It’s every boy’s fantasy to have sex with his mother.” “Robin, I can’t believe you’d suggest that, I couldn’t.” “Wendy, he’s a good lookin’ kid.   Tell me you’ve never thought about it?” “Thinking is a lot different than doing.” “It might be just what you need with you husband still out of commission.”   Wendy stared down the hallway as the idea ran thru her mind.   Her son needed help and Robin did have a point concerning her husband Rusty recovering from his stroke.   She decided this wasn’t the way to start that type of relationship with Brandon so she turned to Robin and asked, “Please, would you take care of this for me.” “Well then,”, she sighed half-heartedly then smiled, “I guess I’ll just go have sex with my good lookin’ nephew.” “Be nice to him.”, Wendy cautioned, “and remember this is about him not you.”     Back inside the room, Robin sat on the bed next to Brandon and explained the plan.   Ever since Brandon witnessed his mom having sex on their den floor with Robin’s husband Terry, he had wished for the chance to be with an older woman.   As it turned out, sex with Aunt Robin had been one of his masturbatory fantasies from years ago.   Stunned at the opportunity, he stuttered, “Aunt Robin, y…you sure about this?” “Don’t sound so scared, Buddy. we’ll have a good time.   Your mom said we could use the big bed in her room.   I’ll go get ready and meet you there.”   Brandon moved quickly to his parent’s room and sat on the bed, waiting for his aunt.   In the adjoining bathroom she changed into one of Wendy’s short white robes and thought of what she was about to do.   Perhaps her offer was made selfishly to experience the manhood her nephew displayed, hoping it would put a good arch in her back.   Could a woman really be held accountable under those circumstances?    “You still okay with us doing this, Buddy?”, she asked entering the bedroom. “I think so, I mean it’s gonna’ feel kind of awkward with you being my aunt.” “It will for me to but, we need get you relaxed or we’ll have to make a trip to the emergency room.   I’m only doing this because I want to help you.”, she justified. “You mean you’re not even a little horny to do this?”, Brandon asked. “Well as a woman, maybe a little but, hopefully you’ll climax before I get too involved.    To get us started, how about lying back and let me pull off those sweatpants.”.     Nervously, Brandon lay back as his aunt undressed him.   When his erection was again revealed, Robin thought, ‘Mmmm,   this is may feel   better than I thought.’.   Stepping back from the bed, she pulled the tie from her robe, slipped it from her shoulders and let it drop to the floor.   Her thirty-eight year old body was similar to his mother’s with a trim figure, firm breasts and shapely legs.   It didn’t matter that she wasn’t as pretty as his mom, she was naked and willing.   His heart raced at the sight of her bare body.      Robin threw a leg over her nephew then placed her knees on either side of him.   In one smooth motion, she grasped his erection then eased it well into the warm wet spot between her thighs.   After savoring the penetration for a moment, she then began to ride him up and down, making use of every inch he offered.   Being on the receiving end was   new to Brandon.   With inexperienced Brittany, he willingly did all the work but, with Aunt Robin on top, he could just enjoy the ride.   He knew the goal was to satisfy him but, to make the most of what could be a one time opportunity, he decided to hold off as long as he could and make her work hard enough to possibly achieve an orgasm for herself.   Neither one spoke for a few minutes as a smiling Aunt Robin bounced happily away on him, the she asked, “So, Buddy, how’s your old auntie doing?”. “You’re really great at this.   I’m startin’ to feel good but, got a ways to go.” “Okay, I’ll keep going.   It’s feeling better for me than I thought.”   Robin leaned forward, placing her hands on the headboard.   With her breasts now suspended directly over him, Brandon instinctively raised his hands and fondled them.   When he realized what he was doing he began to pull away until she told him, “It’s okay, Buddy.   Play as much as you like.”.   As he continued, she moved her to a higher level of arousal.   Riding her nephew longer, Robin felt the beginnings of an orgasm brewing inside her.   It had been her intent to only satisfy him but, as she approached the point of no return, knew she’d be unwilling to stop until she was also well satisfied.       Brandon sensed his aunt’s sexual tension beginning to rise.   To add to this he began to match her downward strokes with   upward thrusts of his own, providing deeper penetration for them both.   “Ooooh, that feels sooo great!”, she cooed. “Keep going, Aunt Robin”, Brandon implored, “Come on faster!”.   Bouncing wildly atop her nephew, Robin cried out, “Ohhhhh, this wasn’t supposed to happen.”.   Then leaning back, she began grinding her pelvis against his while moaning, “ohhh, ohhhhhh.”.   Suddenly she shrieked, “Yessssss!”, and Brandon watched as wavelike ripples, matching what he felt inside her, moved across her belly.   Allowing herself a few moments to enjoy the pleasure, Robin then breathlessly said, “I…I wasn’t prepared for that, huh, huh.   We’ve   got to keep going, huh, huh.   Let’s switch positions.”.   The pair rolled over so that she was now on her back.   Raising her legs and grabbing his hips, she frantically pumped his still erect penis into her as quickly and deeply as possible.   In a highly aroused state, she quickly moaned in a low tone he’d never heard before, “Oh, god, Fuck me, Buddy, fuck me!”.   Brandon pounded away between her legs until his aunt   cried out, “Oh my god, another one’s coming, keep going.”. Brandon hung on until she again shrieked, “Ohhh, yessss, YESSSSS!”, then with a yelp, his hips convulsed and he let go deep inside her.   “That’s it , Buddy.”, Aunt Robin said, “Let it all go.”, and together they moaned and shuddered, in sexual abandonment.     After things quieted, Wendy knocked on the door asking, “You guys okay?”.   “Mmmmm…we’re doing just fine.”, her sister replied then patting his shrinking erection added, “Looks like Brandon’s finally starting to relax.” “You both should get dressed.”, Wendy suggested, “Rusty will be home soon.” “Okay,”, Robin answered, “Wait for him in the kitchen and we’ll be right along.”.   Turning to Brandon and playfully mussing his hair she said, “Listen, Buddy, I have to tell you…that felt really great.   Your Uncle Terry’s been working nights now at the hospital so I haven’t been getting’ as much of this as I’d like.   Maybe you could do me a favor and fill in for him ‘til he’s working days again.” “Sounds good to me.” “Me to, just stop by any evening after six o’clock, okay, Buddy?” “You and me will make good fuck buddies, Aunt Robin.” “You bet we will!”       .                        

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