Masturbation With A Beautiful And Perverted Redhead

Masturbation With A Beautiful And Perverted Redhead

(The story so far: Mac Lewis's punishing of the two girls who broke into his house on instruction from his estranged wife Miranda has reached incendiary levels. Following her opportunity to act as his partner in fucking Imogen, Lysette has been put firmly back in her place. Now both girls have been ordered to the shower, where one final crazed sexual adventure awaits them.)Steam and spray were well in evidence when he entered the washroom. The facilities were meagre in size, but at least the shower cubicle was substantial, with jets powerful enough to whip up some serious heat. The two girls inside were shrouded in wet mist, their curves – slender and full respectively – a sexy suggestion through the clouded glass. His heart glad, he yanked open the door and brought his hard dick to the party.“Hi girls. Missed me?” The steam enclosed them all, water exploding off his body along with those of his two playthings. He wondered what words, if any, had passed between them in his absence. Both were adequately soaped – Lysette’s graceful contours with a nylon shower rose and Imogen’s robustly feminine figure with a sponge. Both were wary, of each other and of him. Their gazes darted through the haze over his hard body and the cock which had fucked them both.Mac gave a warm, open-handed gesture. “Look at you two gorgeous naked beauties. Beautiful shower babies, doing as they’re told. One thing…” He picked the rose and the sponge from their hands and set them on the floor. Then he lifted the gel bottle from where one of them had set it and squirted copious apple-green gel – first on Lysette’s tits, then on those of Imogen. “I expected you to soap each other. Wasn’t I clear on that? I must be getting sloppy in my instructions.” They glanced at him and then took in the sight of each other with mutual distrust. “Well,” he said, an edge of threat undercutting his amiable tone, “get on with it.”Lysette moved into action first, as he might have predicted, wrapping her hands around Imogen’s globed beauties and giving the rack a good soapy fondling. Her palms glided in broad circles, the shower-sodden blonde aching visibly under her companion’s touch. “Pay it back,” Mac told Imogen, and this time there was little hesitation in the luckless girl’s response. She reached and enveloped Lysette’s trim mounds, hands flexing and compressing, squeezing while she was squeezed in return. Mac absorbed the lovely vision for a moment, before squirting great palmfuls of gel and spreading them liberally over the girls’ stomachs and thighs. “That’s it, get close. Lather each other. Come on, Blondie, the time for shyness is way past. Show me what you know I want to see.”Imogen’s gaze caught his – she looked petulant now that her arousal had been demonstrated to such an extreme degree. Her hands slithered all the way down Lysette’s body, past the hourglass of her waist and swell of her hips, to spread soap over those taut ass-cheeks. This is what you want to see, yes? The sentiment was there in her face, a resentful seeking of approval from the man who had made her cheat so extravagantly. She’d had to fuck him, but the drenching of his cock and balls in girl-juice had been nothing to do with necessity. Her grasping and moulding of Lysette’s slick buttocks was likewise done out of more than requirement.“See? You want to please me. You can’t help it, naughty girl.”She stared at him, eyes full of forlorn excitement at her ongoing adventure. Her hands squeezed harder, kneading the base of Lysette’s ass, massaging deep into the tissue of those springy cheeks. Lysette in turn plunged her hands down Imogen’s waist to glide around her full cheeks and grab, her slender fingers digging into generous bum-flesh. Mac palmed his cock with a gel-covered hand in appreciation of the show.“Even Scarlet is loving it, though it’d kill her tell me as much.” The redhead’s scowl, as she focused on soaping her partner’s butt, confirmed the truth of his words. “But we both know you’re into it – right, Imogen? You can’t disguise how much you’re getting off on this. Boyfriend or no boyfriend.”Anger flashed across Imogen’s face, but she responded by sliding one hand to Lysette’s stomach and diving her fingers between the girl’s thighs, making her start. The redhead’s breathing grew shallow, her eyes filling with murderous lust, as her treacherous friend rubbed her clitoris hard. Imogen stared at Mac while she frigged, her eyebrows raised to inquire if he was impressed. Happy now? Are you? The spirited flash from the submissive blonde was as hot as it was unexpected. Her body jolted, however, as Lysette’s had done, when the other girl’s fingers dived and jabbed into her wetness, trying to out-frig her. Then each girl was fixated on the other, meanness in her face, as she finger-fucked her rival’s cunt.“Yeah, you fucking love it,” Lysette spat, her wrist working like fury. “Don’t try to deny it.”“I don’t. There, I don’t. Fuck…” Imogen’s voice shuddering with emotion as her fingers spun on wet clit. “But you love it too. He’s your fucking dream man. This is the best fucking night of your life.”“Bitch.”“Takes a bitch to know a bitch.”“Fuck… Is that the best you’ve got?”“Fucking slut. That better?”“You took the words right out of my mouth, squirting Barbie.”“Damn you! You fucking beat my ass.”“You deserved every fucking slap. I’d do it again – and you’d fucking love that too. You came hard enough.”“God! You are a bitch!”“Yeah, and you were my bitch. Still are.”“Fuck you!”“Fuck you too!”Mac laughed, the sound disconcerting them enough to shut both up, but not halting their frig-fest. “Come on, girls,” he said, revelling in the added entertainment of their masturbatory spat, “kiss and get it done with. We both know you want to.”The girls glared at each other, hands stalling on cunts, both breathing hard. Lysette moved on Imogen first, gripping her by the strands of her sodden hair and pulling her into a fierce clinch. The blonde girl responded instantly, clapping both hands to her friend’s shower-soaked flesh and locking her mouth hard. Mac moved in on them, cock swaying high, as the two soapy bitches kissed open-mouthed, nails digging into flesh or tugging at hair, tits squishing and sliding. He teased fingers down both their spines, scrutinising close up as Lysette captured Imogen’s plump lower lip between her teeth and bit. The blonde clutched hard into red hair and twisted, until she was released.“Bitch!”“Whore!”Then they locked in again, like each was trying to consume the other. This bout was longer, fuller, hotter – hands still clutching but slithering too, to explore foam-covered body surfaces. Mac got in close and caressed the asses he had formerly spanked, watching as his two hostages-to-fortune sucked face. Their tongues were visibly tangling in between sessions of tight lip-lock, anger and vengeance tempered by a growing enjoyment. When he slid his hands up to grip their hair and pull them apart, they were breathless and unsatisfied, like something had been interrupted too early.“Damn, you’re starting to make me left out,” he said, as they stared at him with a uniting confusion. “Getting into that just a little too much.” He reached down with both hands and slipped fingers into their pussies, making them gasp together. “You want to come?”“Yes,” Lysette breathed, her voice hoarse.“Uh-huh.” Imogen was weak with desire.He put their backs both up against the shower wall and thrust two fingers apiece into wet sucking cunts, while they stretched down fingers instinctively to play with their clits. “Look at you two bitches now,” he said, as his fingers flexed and withdrew inside their pussies, fucking them over and over. They were stretched tight against the tiles, both pairs of eyes screwed shut as they worked themselves. Exulting in his own mastery, Mac dropped to his knees and squirmed his tongue beneath Lysette’s red thatch, the fingers of his other hand still plundering Imogen. He licked one girl out, savouring her nectar, while still enjoying the clutch of the other’s channel.Lysette came hard and fast, her groin bucking against his face and her hands gripping his hair, as she flooded his mouth with hot tangy essence. She was still dripping from his chin and trickling to the back of his throat, when he moved to Imogen and commenced eating out her plump pussy. The girl groaned like she was insane, as he clasped her ass cheeks and thrust his tongue. When she climaxed, the juice threatened to drown him. It jetted to the back of his throat and all over his face, so that when he rose from her drenched cunt, he was masked with her. “Goddamn, you might be the horniest bitches I’ve ever fucked,” he told them. And I’ve fucked Miranda. Imogen was slumped against the wall like she might subside onto the floor. Lysette went so far as to grip the girl and shore her up, and their gazes met in their post-orgasmic haze. The redhead virtually peeled her blonde companion from the wall and something approaching a truce seemed to establish itself between them. “Fuck,” Imogen mouthed, and Lysette’s eyes acknowledged the implied sentiment. Fuck, indeed.“See how nice I can be?” They both looked at Mac warily. “Now return it,” he said. “Wash me down. All of me.”They glanced at each other, Lysette looking balefully back at Mac. “Well we’ve given him everything else he wanted, haven’t we, Imogen? Played all his games.”“Yes, we have,” Imogen replied with an irony born of experience. “Every last one of them.”They played this one too, applying generous amounts of shower gel to his chest and back, and soaping with smooth, attentive hands. Even Lysette acted her role to the full, Mac noted, washing his arms and massive pectorals with an air of duty, his cock-tip sliding against her stomach as she cleansed him. Imogen pressed into him from behind, massaging his shoulders and working the gel into the muscles of his broad back. “This is what every hard-working man should have,” he told Lysette, allowing his head to loll back. “A pair of hot naked body-slaves to soap him.”“You making sure he gets the benefit of those tits, Im?” Lysette inquired, palms lingering deliciously on his nipples.The blonde’s rack pillowed against his shoulder blades, her hands sweeping downwards to stroke his hips. “He’s getting it now.”“Good.” The redhead’s palm glided down to move in circles on his ribbed stomach, knuckles brushing his cock-shaft. “And I guess I know what you’ll want washing next.”“Take your time with it,” he told her. “Blondie, wash my ass and wash it well.”“Yes, Sir. Lysette, would you pass the gel?”Her scarlet co-worker did, having delivered a large apple-green squirt into her own palm first. “There. Give his ass-cheeks a good massage. And don’t forget in between.”“I won’t.”The girls’ purely solicitous approach was a novelty. As Imogen’s palms cupped Mac’s buttocks and squeezed rhythmically, Lysette slid her own hands from his balls to the tip of his cock, evenly spreading gel over the ridges of his blood-bolstered shaft. Adventure and orgasm had mitigated much of her fury, although something of that sardonic attitude lingered in her eyes, even as she played the devoted slut. Her hands were nimble and teasing as they lathered his pole, distributing an even sheen of bubbles over its hard surface. One crafty set of fingers slid beneath, to scoop up his swollen ball sac and test its weight.“Christ,” she could not help but marvel, “you must be fit to burst.” She continued her soapy attentions to cock and balls. “This big rigid beast has to need relief by now, surely…”“You all fucked out, Scarlet? Offering to wank me off and put an end to it?” Every nerve in his worked-out organ was tingling again, while Imogen’s deep-kneading fingers were firing shivers of delight up his spine, more so when she parted his cheeks and explored down the cleft. “Well, it’ll end soon enough, sweetheart,” he informed the redhead, “on my terms.”Lysette’s face darkened when he said it – the emotion not entirely clear. “Not making you feel good enough yet?”“Oh you girls are making me feel plenty good.” But soon I’m going to feel even better. “Blondie, there’s some bath oil down near your feet. Reach down and get it.”Imogen’s slippery tits skated against his back and thigh as she stooped to pick the bottle from the floor and he had a mental image of her stretching open everything she had in the process. “What do you want me to do with it?” she inquired meekly on standing up behind him. God, this bimbo had been fucked fully into the program.“Oil your finger and stick it up my ass. You’re going to clean me properly.” There was a pregnant silence, and he wondered if Lysette’s mouth was twitching again at the demand he’d made of the posh princess. “You’re not shirking your duties back there, are you, Blondie?”“No.” Even that one syllable contained the nervousness of before.“Don’t I get a ‘No, Sir’? I liked that little development.”“No, Sir. I’m oiling up my finger now.”Good girl. You do know what’s expected by now… Oh fuck, here we go. The blonde’s clearly lubed finger was teasing at his anus, but only hesitated there a moment before slipping inside him. He clenched involuntarily at the delightful insertion and Imogen uttered a short, breathy squeal. “Don’t stop there, girl – that’s what a shower slave is for. Shove it deep and clean my ass.”“Oh God - yes, Sir.” She pushed till she must have been three knuckles deep, easing her finger around to spread the oil. Mac’s erection swelled to new hardness in Lysette’s tender grip and he brushed the girl’s hand away, lest he lose control completely.“Fuck yes, that’s good. Take it out and do it again. Keep using that oil.” Imogen’s finger slid out of him and reasserted itself moments later, freshly anointed. She clasped her hand to his buttocks and administered a writhing massage, knowing either from experience or instinct (the latter he guessed) how best to stimulate. “Jesus,” he said, his cock pumping huge at the internal stimulation, “that’s the fucking business. Wash me out. Wriggle that finger. Holy shit…”Lysette, for all her filthy experience, was watching him with lust-clouded awe. You filthy fucker, her gaze was saying, and he could hardly deny it.“Okay, that’ll do,” he said, reaching behind and pulling Imogen out of him by her wrist, before everything clenched too hard. “Nothing like proper hygiene. Speaking of which…”It was time. Time for his final game.He washed himself down first, flipping the switch so he could use the hand-held attachment to rinse his body of soap. The adjustable jet on the shower-head allowed him to direct a powerful stream of water up his anus, so that he could make good on the work Imogen had begun. “Damn, that’s a fucking nice sensation,” he told the girls as it sluiced him out. There was fun too to be had in aiming the jet at the girls, bouncing water off their tits and asses, making them yelp and squeal as the hard stream impacted against their firm flesh.“We should make this a regular date, girls,” he remarked with enthusiasm as he drenched one pussy, then the other.“Fuck…” Lysette clutched her vitals in protection from the watery blast. “You’ll be lucky…”“I already am.” This was the luckiest night of his life, the type of which most men could only dream. But then you had to be man enough to seize the opportunity if it arose. And man enough to press it to its sweet conclusion… “Palms against the wall, girls,” he instructed, as he fitted the attachment back into its bracket and set the water tumbling once more from above. “Hurry up and spread ‘em.”Imogen and Lysette stared at him, the dutiful body-slaves turning blank and wary respectively.“C’mon, you two, I thought we’d got past that stage.” He slapped hands to Imogen’s wet body and manhandled her into place, palms flat to the tiles. Then he put Lysette beside her in the same position. “Now stick those asses out.” Two shapely bottoms thrust in reverse, their owners glancing back to gauge what trials the immediate future might entail. Mac reached out with both hands and fondled the girls – one soapy sphere apiece – his cock stretching high and proud between them. “In case you think I’ve been getting too lovey-dovey…” He whipped both hands upwards, applying a double-slap to produce a double-yell. “That’s right, bitches – it stings more when it’s slippery, doesn’t it? Well, doesn’t it?”“Yes…”“Fuck, yes…”“Rub those pussies. Get to work on them now.” Both girls reached down and set about themselves with vigour. “That’s the way. Keep going, whatever happens.”He meted out a long volley of slaps on Lysette’s bum cheeks, till he had burst every soap bubble on the surface, and then did the same for Imogen. Nothing reinforced an erection, he considered, quite like the hard crack of palm on shiny-wet girl-ass. On each impact blood coursed through him, stretching taut the skin of his mighty cock. Each girl protested volubly all the way through her chastisement, but neither lifted her fingers from her cunt at any point. These sodden sluts were ready to take anything he had to dish out – and it was a good fucking job. Reddened rears would soon be relegated in their list of concerns.“Mad at me again?” he inquired, full of lustful glee.“Fucking right.”“God, you’re such a… such a…”“Bastard?”“Yes,” Imogen confirmed.“Well I’m glad you girls are back on the same page. ‘Cos the two of you have a decision to make.”“What decision?” Lysette glared back at him. She, like Imogen, had continued in clitoral stimulation all the while.Mac picked up the bottle from where Imogen had dropped it and took his time oozing bath lubricant all over his fingers. He let go the bottle and cupped both the girls’ asses, searching between their cheeks till his middle fingertips had discovered two tightly puckered anal entrances. There was a gasp from both girls at the intimacy.“Take hold of my cock,” he said, and after a moment’s hesitation both girls relinquished their pussies and reached back to grip him. There was plenty to hold on to, each girl’s hand stretching in an effort to encompass his shaft. “There,” he said, once they both had a good purchase on him. “Like you said, Scarlet, this monster is fit to burst. My balls have one serious load to shoot and the only question is where I’m going to shoot it. You think about that.”His jaw clenching with desire, he thrust an oiled finger up each girl’s ass. Both of them gasped and stared behind, Imogen’s eyes doing that innocent doe thing she had down so well, while Lysette’s simply blazed. “Damn,” he said, as both anal channels clutched him, “you’re both tight as buggery. Here’s the deal, girls…” They continued to stare, their astonishment mounting with his words. “I’m going to fuck one of these asses. Within minutes my cock is going to be buried to the balls inside either your asshole, Lysette, or yours, Imogen. And I’m going to shaft that hole till I blow my wad inside it. One of you is going to have her rear pumped full of my cum – I’m going to fucking flood you.” Two pairs of eyes flicked back and forth between his face and his phallus, like they were desperately trying to work out logistics of size and available space.“Thing is,” he said, fully warmed to his topic, “I’m not going to decide who gets it. That’s your job. I’m giving you thirty seconds to choose which of you takes an anal reaming from this dick. And if you can’t agree on it, I’ll fuck both your asses and still call the police.” Both girls stared at him askance. “What are you waiting for? Clock’s ticking, bitches. Who’s going to take one for the team?”Lysette’s and Imogen’s gaze lingered on the cock that twitched and throbbed in both their hands. Mac contemplated the relative merits of each ass – the pert rear of the Miranda-wannabe and the more voluptuous proportions of the out-of-depth bimbo. Either would be a prize, and to poke both had struck him as a serious option, but this final mind-game was too satisfying to forgo. Each girl’s asshole clenched tight on the finger that intruded deep inside. One of them was going to make him feel amazing. He studied his two playthings as they looked up and stared into each other’s eyes. Scarlet was scarcely less alarmed than her companion, but her look was harder.“What – you expect me to do it?” Any softening in the redhead’s attitude to her friend appeared to have taken a sharp reverse. “Don’t play all reluctant. You’re the girly cum-queen. You’d probably spray all over his balls again.” Imogen looked back at her, petrified. “God – after the stunt you pulled, I’m still supposed to do everything. How the hell did I get stuck with you?”“You’re running out of time, girls.”“Goddamn you, Imogen…”“Okay, okay, I’ll do it!” The blonde planted both palms against the wall and thrust out her ass with Mac’s finger still in it. “Let him put his cock in my ass. Come on, get on with it. You’ve fucked everything else I have, why not this? Oh God…” Her tone was reckless, her face fraught. The anxiety in her eyes only intensified as he withdrew his finger from her ass, along with Lysette’s, and reached for the body oil. “Oh Jesus…”“Well done you, Blondie,” he said as he doused himself with the improvised lubricant. “It’s okay, I’ll take it slow. Make sure I get it all in. Right to the balls, you know?”“Oh God, I know…” Imogen’s glance to Lysette was sorrowful but stoic. “Take one for the team, right?” She braced herself, as he nestled the swollen head of his cock between her globed cheeks and pressed it to her tight little ring. “See? I can do this.” But she quailed visibly, a ‘What have I done here?’ expression all over her face.Mac held his stiff length in place and prepared the thrust that would answer that question. No backing out now, Blondie. You’ve made your choice, now deal with it. Three, two, one…Then Lysette’s slender, red-taloned hand came to rest on the shaft of his cock. “Okay, okay, stop. Fuck… I’ll take it.” She was panting, her eyes wide with anger, fear and desire all at once.“She’s already decided,” he told her, cock-head pressing onto Imogen’s yielding entrance. “This ass is as good as fucked.”“No,” Lysette insisted, wedded to her change of heart. “Take mine. Leave something for her damn boyfriend.” Imogen looked to her friend with hope and sudden gratitude. Mac, however, had virtually committed to spearing the blonde bitch’s lovely round ass. The first impaling stroke was readied. Her fiery friend looked him directly in the eye. “Come on, Mac, leave her be. Fuck my tight ass. Fuck it hard and make her watch.”Blonde or redhead… which? Decisions, decisions…“Beg for it, Scarlet,” he said.Lysette responded through clenched teeth. “Please, Mac, fuck my ass.”“Give me more than that. Tell me what you want.”“I… I want you to stick this huge cock as far up my ass as it’ll go. Then I want you to fuck me good. Ream out my tight little bumhole till you shoot your load inside it. Will that do?”Mac’s cock was unwavering in its hardness, but Lysette’s filthy appeal had swayed his mind. “You’re off the hook, Blondie,” he said, drawing back from the girl’s ready hole and grappling the redhead back into a position of ass-thrusting vulnerability. “But you’re going to make yourself useful.” Imogen rose from her bent-over posture, eyes still wary despite her relief. Mac jammed the bath oil into her hand. “Lube me up some more.”The care with which she oiled up his already glistening cock would have pleased any man, likewise the attention she paid to dripping the fluid down Lysette’s ass-crack. Her face told a different story – one of a girl prepping her friend for a fiendish ass-reaming that should by rights have been hers.“Nice,” Mac commended. “Now spread her cheeks. Let’s see that pretty little asshole.” Imogen did his bidding, her fingers pressing into the firm flesh of Lysette’s buttocks as she parted them. “Jesus, look at that.” Mac aimed his phallic missile squarely at the rose-tinged knot that Imogen had revealed, pulsing with eagerness to be sunk far beyond that tight entrance. “Now you watch, Blondie,” he said, catching the girl’s disconcerted glance. “Keep those cheeks spread and don’t take your eyes off this.”He made sure that Imogen saw it all, starting with the popping of his cock-head through Lysette’s springy doorway. The redhead gave a puppy-dog yelp, her body seizing at the first of the penetration. “This is going to stretch you wide, Scarlet,” he said, “but I guess you already know that.” Then he thrust, sinking himself inch by throbbing inch into her ass, observing the progress of his shaft as it slid inside and relishing the sweet pressured sensation.“Oh God…” Lysette’s response was a strangled moan. Her anus had expanded wide to accommodate him, and the bath oil was easing the tight contractions around his slowly diving column.“How does that feel?” he demanded, gripping her pert rump for support.“Oh God, it’s fucking huge… It’s fucking huge…” was Lysette’s mantra.“And you’re fucking tight,” he asserted, drawing back his shaft and thrusting deeper, making her yell aloud. “Christ, this was a good idea. Blondie, say what you see. Tell your friend.”Imogen, transfixed by the sight, fought for words. “It’s… Oh God, you’re swallowing him. Your ass is swallowing his cock, and there’s so much of it. Oh Jesus, he’s fitting it all in!”Not yet – there’s still more to go, Scarlet. Reverse and thrust, reverse and thrust – driving deeper, Lysette’s rectal reflex clutching him all the while, her mouth shrieking profanity. “Aaagh! Oh my God… Fuck!”How tightly could a girl’s ass squeeze a man
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s cock? Mac was having one hell of a time discovering. “Here we go, right to the balls. Think I can make it, Blondie?”Imogen offered no opinion as to the chances. She simply stared dumbfounded, as Mac rammed the last of his shaft into Lysette, burying the head of his cock deep inside her formidably constricting rear tunnel. The redhead cut loose with an epic wail as he packed himself into her, his balls cramming against the cheeks of her bum. “Damn, yes – there it is, all in. How do you like that, Scarlet?”He didn’t wait for her to reply. This was an ass that from the way it had sucked in his length wanted serious fucking. Rejoicing all over again in his fortunes’ turn-about, Mac laid hold of Lysette’s waist with both hands and proceeded to shaft her anal hole. He took it slowly at first, watching himself saw in and out, while she howled her animal commentary. Never had he felt larger inside a woman, and he let the thought beef up his sense of his own masculinity as he ploughed his strokes into her. Water fired off the accentuated curve of her back and her fingers pressed hard into the tiles, as her body braced itself against his testing motion within her. He was drawing out thick inches on each retraction, only to plunge deep again, making her feel his length.“God,” he said, forcing out the words in a snarl as he thrust, “her ass feels like it’s trying to crush my cock. Not much chance of that – I’m too damn hard for her. This could have been you, Blondie. I could be ramming myself up your asshole right now. What do you think of that?”Imogen’s grasp of the English language failed her once more. She merely stared at the fuck-pole currently shafting in and out of her friend’s expanded anal ring, her face a mask of astonishment.“Grip my balls,” he told her, the words starling her out of her stupor. “Grip hold of my balls while I fuck your partner’s sexy ass. The blonde reached down and grasped, her slim fingers stretching to accommodate his swollen sac. Her wet tits nestled against his ribcage as she squeezed, her arm shunting back and forth beneath him with the movement of his thrusting. “Not too tight,” he instructed, slowing his pelvic action. “I can’t hold this load much longer – you two bitches have got me brim-full. Christ – and you know where it’s all going… Right, Blondie? Tell me where…”“Oh God…” Imogen managed. “You’re going to shoot it all up her ass.”“Deep in her ass,” he affirmed. “Deep in her tight fucking ass.” Oh shit…Putting words to the thought threw a switch. Mac’s final excitement was upon him. The mechanics of orgasm were kicking into action and this time he was not going to hold them back. “Put your tongue up my ass,” he told Imogen.Her hesitation was split-second, a shadow of ‘What the fuck?’ flickering across her face.Mac reached with one hand and grabbed her shower-slicked hair. “Gone deaf? Put your tongue up my fucking ass now, bitch. As far as it’ll fucking go.”His harshness erased all doubt. Imogen dropped out of sight and as Mac continued to drive his cock into Lysette’s rear depths, he underwent an added delight. Slender hands parted his ass cheeks and a moist tongue squirmed past his anal ring, plunging recklessly into his ass.“Fuck – that’s the way, Blondie!” Instinctively he reached behind and grabbed a fistful of her wet locks, cramming her face to his cheeks so that she had no further choice than to lick his bumhole. “Bet you’re glad it’s minty-fresh now,” he said, gripping her in place and shafting harder into Lysette. “That’s it, girl, tongue-fuck my ass!” Shit, every time he thought this night couldn’t get any better…He had a hold on them both, as his body prepped itself for the big O. Imogen’s lithe tongue-muscle was writhing inside him, the sensation so gorgeous it was otherworldly. Sensation was shooting via his anal nerves to a cock that was outrageously hard already, one that was now torpedoing Lysette’s ass on every thrust. He clutched the redhead’s shoulder, bending her back into a tight curve as he reamed her with unmerciful force.“How’s that ass of yours doing, Scarlet?” he called above the roar of the water and the cries of Lysette herself. Her yowling was constant now, part of the hot sexual soundtrack. “You loving it yet?”“Fuck…” She forced herself to articulate the word amid her screams. “You horny fucking bastard…” But he wasn’t the only horny one – that much was apparent. The fiery slut was pressing into the tiles with a single hand now, while the fingers of the other went searching between her legs. A filled asshole and a sopping cunt – hot little bitch! His hands clamped hard to both his bitches, Imogen’s mouth pressed fast to his asshole, as he powered furious strokes into Lysette. “Jesus – here it comes…” He felt a need to announce the moment like he hadn’t done in years. Mac Lewis was going to come like a fucking tsunami and the redheaded team-leader’s ass was going to swallow it all.His balls contracted hard, launching everything that he had stored. The tubes of his hard cock filled up with a rush of sperm, right before the hot liquid exploded out of him, deep inside his burglar-conquest’s rear. He clenched repeatedly and hard, his body jolting taut between the two girls, grated cries of ecstasy accompanying each fierce ejaculation from his cock. Months of Miranda’s toying had backed him up beyond endurance – or so it felt – and now he expended great jets of liquid relief into lissom Lysette’s tight bottom. Take it all! Take it fucking all, girl – every last fucking drop! How the girl’s ass would accommodate his insane jizz-fountain he had no idea, nor did he give a damn. All that mattered was the most delicious emptying he had ever experienced. It was as long as it was shattering – and by the time his balls squeezed out the final drops he was six foot three of spent fuck-force with nothing else left to give.Mac’s grip on Imogen’s head and Lysette’s shoulder eased, as exhaustion and relief overtook him. The blonde’s tongue slithered free of his rectal passage and she fell away from him. He drew his sated cock free of the moaning redhead, a gluey mess of cum trailing after him. More of the stuff had squirted free of her and was clinging to his balls and thighs. If he’d ever climaxed more dramatically than this, the memory eluded him. The only scenario to provide greater satisfaction, he considered, would have been the wrecking of Miranda’s ass itself. Still, Lysette had been a worthy proxy – matching hair-colour included. Gratifyingly, the girl was still rubbing out another orgasm on her clitoris, even as his semen oozed from her wide-fucked asshole. He turned to check on the burglar’s blonde partner and with a further shot of pleasure discovered Imogen frigging herself busily on the floor of the shower.So am I really a bad-guy here?He rinsed his groin region, cock included, as the well-shafted pair worked their way to caterwauling completion. “Damn – look at the pair of you. You little bitches love it.”Lysette subsided into the shower pan once she was done, lying on her side close to the kneeling Imogen. They glanced at each other in a daze, as he stood over them. “Get rinsed,” he said, as he stepped from the cubicle and began to dry himself off. “There are plenty of towels in here and your clothes are where you left them. I want to see you both in the living-room before you leave.”He gathered the girls’ things from around the house and his own clothes from the bedroom, cracked open a bottled beer from the kitchen and took it to his favourite leather armchair in the living-room. A sense of serenity overtook him body and soul as he sat there, still naked, and swigged. All the wrongs in his life had been righted in a few short hours – or so it felt in that moment. The girls duly joined him, dried-off and back in black, but minus the stocking masks. They stood before him side by side, still bedraggled in appearance and unsure of the protocol in such a circumstance. Mac marvelled that he could stretch out nude before them with such composure. He tipped his bottle back and let the dregs flow over his tongue, leaving it up to his guests to break the silence.Unsurprisingly it was Lysette who ventured to speak. “So… are we all done here? Is everything settled between us?”“You mean have you fucked your way out of trouble?”“Yes, that’s what I mean.” Imogen looked at her partner-in-crime, then back to Mac with imploring eyes.“Well,” he said, feeling a kind of twisted affection towards his uninvited guests, “it would seem churlish to take any action now that we’ve all become such good friends. Don’t you think, Blondie?”Imogen squeaked some attempt at a reply and then looked at the carpet, her cheeks reddening.“Don’t you think, Scarlet?”“I like to think you’re not a total bastard,” said the girl whose ass he had so soundly fucked. She was shifting uncomfortably, a reminder to him of where his cock had recently been. “And that you know to quit when you’re ahead.”“I am ahead, aren’t I?” He smiled at the thought. “And Miranda’s little scheme has gone so sadly awry. Say hello to me when you speak to her by the way. Tell her I’ll forgive her since I got such good sport from her hot little minions – but that I won’t fucking forget. Tell her the game’s back on. No – scratch all that and tell her to call me. Then I can let her know in person.” He picked up Miranda’s phone and tossed it to her. “Catch, Scarlet.” She grabbed hold of it, fumbling slightly. “She’s been calling. Now that’s a conversation I’d love to hear – but I’ve had enough drama for one night, so I’ll let you do it in private.” He paused and they looked at him uncertainly. “That’s it – you’re dismissed. Pick up your stuff and get your spanked asses out of here. And shut the door behind you.”They gathered their belongings and made to leave, Imogen meek and Lysette a sullen kind of pacified. On an impulse he called the blonde back, delving into the pocket of his discarded trousers and retrieving a business card. “Here,” he said, rising and pressing it into her palm. She stared back in puzzlement, then looked away as though abashed by his naked body. “I’ve got a black tie function to attend next week,” he told her, “and you’d grace my arm nicely. I’ll book a hotel room for after.”Her stare grew into one of amazement. “But why… why would you think I’d… I’d…”“I can’t imagine,” he said, letting his expression warm a little. “But I’ll look forward to your call nonetheless.” He enjoyed the confusion on her face as she left the room to catch up with her friend. Then he waited for the front door to open and shut, before reclining into his armchair once more.In silence Mac contemplated the events that had just unfolded. Sleep beckoned and he wondered if he’d believe all that had transpired when he awoke. If he questioned his sanity, then a good straight-talking chat with Miranda would set that right.“Got you,” he said, toying with the beer bottle between his fingers. For once I damn well got you, you conniving bitch. And there’s no describing how good it felt. Question was – what now?~~~~They sat in the driver’s and front passenger’s seats, the redhead and the blonde, staring at the panel of the former’s cell phone and hardly daring to look at each other.“Well, she can hardly blame us,” Lysette said eventually, glancing through the windscreen at the gathering dawn. “She lost her own phone after all. Suppose we’d better get this over with – she won’t want to wait for the story.”“I know,” Imogen replied, but with uncertainty in her tone.“What did he have to say to you?” Lysette inquired as the call rang out.“What? Oh – nothing. Just more of his… his – you know – jokes. I… I never want to see him again.” The remark hung in the air, peculiarly unnecessary. She gripped her purse reflexively, like it contained some form of contraband.The blonde’s discomfort was cut short by Miranda’s clipped tones on speaker. “Well? What happened?” The voice made both girls jump.“I think you know what happened,” Lysette said, wary but a touch defiant. “We were caught. Red…” She shifted in her seat as in discomfort and Imogen mimicked the motion involuntarily. “Red-handed.”“That much I guessed. Before or after you left the envelope?”“After.”“Good. Did you mention it?”“No, we didn’t. Not a word. We kept that part quiet.” She and Imogen exchanged bemused glances.“Also good. So tell me – what did he do?” The voice on the phone was no-nonsense, cutting right to the chase.“He didn’t call the police,” Lysette explained briskly. “He’s not going to now. He was thinking about it, but… but he didn’t. We’re off the hook, or I’m pretty sure we are – all of us.”There was a brief pause, both girls staring at the phone expectantly. “What changed his mind?” their boss inquired.Lysette glanced at Imogen, the blonde clutching her purse hard and biting a plump lower lip. “He gave us a choice,” the redhead told her boss. “A very clear choice. We took the alternative, didn’t we, Imogen?”The other girl fought to find her voice. “Y-Yes, we did.”“And what was the choice?” Miranda asked, her voice losing none of its cool. “What did you do?”Lysette shot another look at her partner and they both blushed. “We fucked him,” she said, like it was a shared guilt. “Both of us.” Her look darkened and she added, “A lot.”This time the pause was longer. “Tell me about it,” Miranda said.“What?” Lysette looked at Imogen, confused.“Tell me about it,” Miranda repeated, her tone noticeably more husky. “Tell me everything he did to you both. Don’t miss out any details. I want to hear it all."  ~~~~Mac treated himself to a continental breakfast in his kitchen before making the call. Sleep had enveloped him like he could scarcely remember and he’d woken with a rock-hard erection that was testament to the evening just past. Oh it had happened all right, every nasty thrust of it. Those would be two very sore girls this morning, the redhead in particular. He had fucked them like each was a Miranda doll, custom made for his catharsis. He wondered if the silly blonde would take him up on his offer. If she did, her ass would receive what it had so narrowly avoided…No matter. If she did, she did. There were other considerations, the primary of which was the ongoing situation with his ex-wife. After that, he could firm up his lunch arrangement with Paul and update Alan Sinclair on the ongoing divorce battle. Armed with recollections of his triumph, he hit her name on his phone’s speed dial and braced himself for that struggle. Miranda’s phone rang a good six times before she answered.“Mac,” she said, her voice impassive. “And how are you, this morning?”His heartbeat quickened at the sound of her voice and there was a marked reaction in his trousers. “Very well, thank you for asking. As good as I’ve been in some time. I trust your pretty sidekicks brought you up to speed with the events of last night?”“They did indeed. Sounds like you had quite a time of it.”“I can assure you I did. It was deeply enjoyable. I feel like I should thank you, Miranda. Much as I’d like to gloat, it was your screw-up that set the whole thing in motion. Most uncharacteristic of you, but there’s none of us perfect. Tell me, what exactly did you hope to achieve by sending them here? What did you think they’d find?”“Oh they weren’t really looking for anything,” Miranda said, “whatever I might have told them. It was more a matter of what they left. And for the record, Mac, I didn’t screw up. Go and check inside the top drawer in your study.” Mac paused open-mouthed, his exhilaration fading. “Don’t panic, darling,” his estranged wife said, like she could see his expression. “It’s nothing bad.”He went directly to his desk, heartbeat pounding in his throat, and pulled open the first drawer. A manila envelope rested on top of all his files. “What the hell is this?” His heart was still thudding fast, despite her reassurance. He cradled the phone between his shoulder and chin as he worked open the envelope’s sealed end with a finger and pulled out the documents within.Mac stared at the A4 sheets, setting them on the desktop to leaf through them. They were easy enough to recognise, but Miranda’s signature on the final one, along with that of her lawyer, was the difficult part to digest. “This is…”“Your counter-offer,” she said. “Rather generous. I could scarcely refuse it, well could I?”Mac had considered himself well-slept, but maybe he needed another coffee. “You’ve… This…” he stumbled, confusion clouding the sense of relief that burgeoned within him. “You made those girls break into my house to deliver the signed papers?”“Yes.”“But… why didn’t you simply give it to me over dinner?”“Mac, sweetheart, you are slow this morning. Those two little sluts were your divorce gift.”Mac’s jaw dropped ineffectually once more. Miranda’s words made no sense to him. What she was saying was impossible. But then he recalled those crucial moments from his encounter with her in the restaurant – her indiscrete moments of texting, that inconceivably clumsy moment when she’d dropped the phone, her melodramatic flight after him when he’d driven off. Damn it all to fucking hell.“You set it all up,” he said, his voice low. “Them, me… You set the whole thing up like… like a little play for your entertainment.”“For your entertainment,” Miranda corrected. “Believe it or not, Mac, I still do rather like you, and you’ve behaved so… nobly through all of this unpleasantness, I felt some kind of gesture was required on my part.”Mac tried to breath out the anger that was rising in him. Jesus – to believe he’d actually out-manoeuvred this bitch, scored a point against her, while all the while she was having one more laugh at his expense… “A gesture, right. So tell me – why couldn’t you have let me in on this secret at the restaurant? You played your two little shop girls. How was it necessary to play me?”“Darling, that’s obvious,” she said, her voice matter-of-fact. “Would you really have done what you did, if you hadn’t been so angry at me? That decency of yours, that infernal sense of fair play, it does get in the way of your other attributes – the really interesting ones. I needed to rev your engine properly, before I sent you in to deal with those two presumptuous little madams. Irritating suck-ups, the both of them – perfect choices for this scheme. I was hoping you’d put them in their place, and I must say, you didn’t disappoint.”“Oh didn’t I?” Mac was listening, his cock growing stiffer in spite of his conflicted feelings.“Quite the opposite. You surpassed all my hopes. You see I made them tell me everything, immediately it was done. Mac, you surprised me most delightfully. You didn’t just stick your cock in those bitches, you played them every way you could think of. You made them your naked, quivering fuck-toys. Quite the evil imagination, you have there, Mackenzie Lewis.”Her words were selected to render him hard as steel, he knew, and he wasn’t fighting it. “They told you that much, then?”“Oh Christ, yes – I made sure of it. The redhead made out she was pissed off, but I could tell what she was really feeling. And the blonde, God you made an impression on that one. She’s ruined for her boyfriend. I’m going to bring them both round to my flat this evening and grill them more about it – make sure I haven’t missed any of the details.” She sounded to Mac like she was ready to masturbate at the prospect. He suspected she already had.“I might have called the police,” he said, fighting the urge to massage his own crotch.“That’s a risk I took. It would have been a touch embarrassing trying to explain why I hired cat burglars to return divorce papers. But I honestly didn’t think you’d turn down such a hot opportunity, once you were in that mood. And I was right. You used them well – sexy clueless pawns in our game.”“Your game, you devious bitch. Twist it whatever way you like – you tricked me too.”“Tell me, Mac – and tell me without reserve – how much did you enjoy last night? Go on – even if you don’t want to admit it to me, admit it to yourself.”Mac owed Miranda no honesty, but as images and sensations from his time with the girls clashed in his mind, he needed to share. And who would understand the glory of it all better than the demonic beauty he had married? “I enjoyed it beyond all reason,” he told her, resentment still lurking in his low voice. “I enjoyed it to insanity. Working over those two was the greatest fucking experience of my life.”“Darling, I know it was.” If Mac hadn’t come to doubt his first ability to read Miranda, he might have thought she was happy for him. Even the suspicion of that idea was aphrodisiac to him. “You were a king last night,” she told him. “I don’t need to have been there, I simply know it. I’d love to see the CCTV footage sometime – watch you in action. It sounds like you ruled those girls, body and soul.”“Maybe,” he said, his jaw set hard. “I never ruled you though, did I?”“Not like that,” she said solemnly. “Maybe that’s our tragedy. You might have done, but you simply weren’t ready.”“Not ready? What the hell does that mean?”“My gift to you was more than those girls’ asses, however sweet they were. You came into something last night, Mac – an inheritance. You were the punishing bastard you always had the potential to be, and you’ll never forget how much you loved it. You’ll crave it again and by Christ you’ll have it.”“You’re talking rubbish.”“Oh no I’m not.”“I wanted to punish you for sure, and they were there in your place.”“Yes, they were. Well let me tell you something else for nothing. How do you think they ever got the security code for your flat?”“Surprise me,” he said, danger reasserting itself in his tone.“That temp of yours you fucked so indiscreetly, remember how she came around to visit, provide you with some TLC?”Mac’s anger reared to accompany the action of his dick. Celia. “You didn’t…”“And what if I did, Mac? What if she had some financial encouragement for making that visit? What if she had the means of subtly filming your resetting the burglar alarm and passing it on to me in case I ever needed it? How would that make you feel?”He recalled the evening so well. Celia the peachy brunette, down on her knees, sucking him with such exquisite attention. Riding him slow. So she too had been a part of Miranda’s conniving. “Goddamn you, you infernal bitch,” he said. “God-fucking-damn you to hell.”“There’s that anger,” Miranda said. “Keep that. Use it. You want to make me pay – well make her pay instead, the way you did Lysette and Imogen. She’d love it. She was quite conflicted, afterwards – all swoony over what a tender lover you were, while she’d been there under false pretences. She almost didn’t want to accept her reward. I’ll bet you still have her number. You should phone her – invite her around for a hot date once the divorce is finalised. Seduce her knickers off and then make her confess to her misdeed with your cock up her ass. Rule her like you want to rule me.”“You’re so fucking twisted…”“Yes I am, Mac – and the twisted part of you has always loved the fact. Well here’s news. That part is in the ascendant. The man you were last night, the man you are right now – selfish, ruthless, amoral – I could have loved him. And so many women will love him. They’ll fall on their knees and worship your cock with their mouths. They’ll offer up their trembling asses. They’ll take all their punishment and beg for more. You’re coming into your kingship and you know it. That’s my gift.”“Jesus, woman, you’re crazy.”“No I’m not, Mac. I’m a bitch, but I’m not crazy. You’ll never forgive me, I know, and you never should. But someday when you’re owning some amazing woman’s ass with no regard for anything but your own filthy pleasure, you’ll thank me as well as curse me.”“Oh will I?”“I like to think so, darling.” Her voice had softened significantly. “You think I hate you, Mac, you think I view you with contempt, but you’re wrong. Once we’ve gone our separate ways I want to know you’re out there, being the big gorgeous bastard you always wanted to be. Enjoying yourself to the full – taking your royal due. Let’s let the lawyers tie it all up, Mac. What do you say to that?”Mac was incapable of saying anything for some seconds. He released a long sigh. “I say it’s a good idea.”“I’m glad,” she said. “You’re going to be magnificent. I’m sorry I won’t get to see it. Goodbye, Mac.”She ended the call and he stared at his phone, a war of emotions playing itself out in his head. Fury at his wife simmered in the realisation that it the nightmare was finally as good as over. From some deep place came a pang of regret that he had lost her, followed by a renewed surging of anger. Yes he did still have Celia’s number, along with an urge to make her do some serious penance. And he felt damn sure that there’d be further dealings with the blonde-haired half of the cat-burgling twosome. His cock would be busy in the near future. This anger would take a lot more burning off – Miranda had been right about that.“Fuck!” He slammed his palm against the desktop, making papers scatter. “Think you fucking know me, bitch…”But beneath the anger he suddenly knew the truth of it. Yes, he’d never forgive the woman as long as he lived, and she’d been bang on the money about something else as well. After last night he’d never be the same man again. His life was about to turn around with dividends for his business, his bank balance and his cock.Women beware. The real Mackenzie Lewis had arrived.  THE END

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