Poof Porn With Women You Don't See A Girl When You Fuck Them

Poof Porn With Women You Don't See A Girl When You Fuck Them

The first step of treading the new post-fucking-Sara-with-my-wife-watching world was to find out how Chelsea felt about what happened.  I could have called on the way home to find out, but I was too nervous.  It probably would have saved me some time if she wanted me out of the house as work was closer to hotels than we were in the suburbs, but it was too late now.  I was home and walking into the unknown.  I unlocked the front door and walked in. “Chelsea?” I called before closing the door.  I was a little startled as I shut the door behind me, finding Chelsea standing right there.  She wore a short silk dressing robe that barely covered her crotch.  All I could see were her bare legs, and I thought I could see her nipples poking through the thin silk.“You really liked fucking that dirty little slut, didn’t you, Trevor?”  she said.  Fuck.  I knew I had gone too far.  I stepped back, quickly coming up against the door.“Shit, honey, I’m sorry, I thought that’s what you wanted!” She smiled.  I was very confused.  “It’s exactly what I wanted and more, honey,” she said stepping towards me.  Things began to fall into place, and I slowly came around to the fact that she intentionally acted a bit put off just to fuck with me.  It worked, and then some.  Now, though, as she got up to me, she pushed up on her toes and kissed me.  I kissed her back hard, trying not to think about kissing Sara less than an hour earlier.  Chelsea broke the kiss and dropped to her knees in front of me.  “Baby, what are you doing?”“You know exactly what I’m doing, honey,” she said as she dropped my pants to my ankles.  “It was fucking amazing.  It was so sexy watching you and Sara.  I can’t tell you how many times I came.”  She held my cock up, stroking it and trying to return it to life.  “But now I want to taste that hot little slut on my husband’s big cock.”Chelsea began licking wildly, then taking what she could of my cock in her mouth.  She moaned as she worked me, emulating my earlier encounter.  She pulled my cock from her mouth and looked up at me.  “Talk dirty to me baby.  I want you to call me sexy, nasty, names like you did for Sara,” she said before hungrily resuming her work on my cock.I paused to think about what to say to her.  It was definitely not the frame of mind I was in walking through the door moments earlier. “So you liked watching that, huh?  Liked being a dirty little cuckquean, touching yourself while your husband fucks a sexy little whore for you?”  Chelsea moaned at hearing this and worked my cock harder.  I put my hand on her head as she bobbed up and down. “Mmm, clearly you do.  Who knew my sweet little wife was such a dirty little closet whore, just dying to be fucked hard and rough like the cum slut she watched her hubby fuck?”  Chelsea’s moans nearly turned into screams with my cock still in her mouth.  She popped her head off my cock for a moment, looking up at me and stroking my wet shaft.“I want you to fuck my face, just like you did to Sara.  I want you to force your cock down my throat with the same passion that you did to hers.  I want you to make me deep throat that cock,” she said before swirling her mouth around it a few more times.  She forced herself down until she hit the back of her throat.  She had never gone past that.  Chelsea looked up at me, tears forming in the corner of her eyes and I could see the makeup starting to move on her face. “I even put on the cheap mascara so you can see what you do to me, see the mess you make when you fuck your wife’s face.  Now man up and own your dirty little slut wife,” she said with a smile.  I looked down at her with a wicked grin.  I took her beautiful head in my hands and as she turned to take my cock again, I let her hit the back of her throat.  She bounced a couple times, still not crossing that barrier.  I reached my hand for her throat, with the other on the back of her head, and I pushed right through the barrier, feeling her gag and hearin
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g her retch as the airway blocked.  “That’s it you dirty little slut, let daddy use your throat.”  I rocked slightly a few times, letting her adjust before pulling her off by the hair.  Chelsea gasped for air, and looked up at me.  It wasn’t a smile, but it wasn’t bad either.  She was looking for a report card.  “Well?” she said.I smiled down at her.  “Pretty fucking amazing for your first time.”  I stroked her cheek, smudging the tear that trailed down it carrying mascara.  “And you look fucking beautiful like that.”  Chelsea smiled.  If you liked that, then you’ll love this,” she said as she pulled the belt of the robe undone.  She flung it open with a flourish, revealing a sparkly white lace bra that only held her breasts up, it did nothing to conceal them. I could see her hard nipples now, and why they had shown through the robe.  The bra held her great tits up and just presented them majestically for me.  She had a matching thong on that didn’t hide anything, including the fact that she had clearly trimmed and prepared herself for tonight.  I reached down, kissing her as one hand stroked her bare breasts, and the other rubbed her clit and pussy through the thin underwear.  She moaned into my mouth as her hands resumed stroking my cock.  She broke the kiss.  “Don’t get distracted.  I need you to finish fucking my mouth, baby.  I saw how long you went after you emptied your cock in Sara’s mouth, and I think you can go even longer after the day you’ve had and unloading in mine!”Chelsea eagerly got back to work, her mascara smeared face diving back for my cock.  I let her try herself again and she got a little farther, but I continued to help her.  I forced her down on my cock.  “That’s it baby, gag on daddy’s big cock.  It feels so fucking good, maybe even better than it did when I fucked that slut while you were watching today.”  With my cock down her throat there wasn’t much she could do to scream, but I saw her hands grabbing her tits, desperately tugging at them and enjoying.  “That’s it, touch your sexy body, baby, touch yourself while I fuck your pretty face.  You feel my balls on your chin, Chelsea?  I want you to reach out and lick that sack.  See if you can taste Sara on me, still.”  She strained eagerly to reach out with her tongue.  I felt her tongue shake as it caressed my balls.  It was more than I deserved, and an amazing effort from a woman that hadn’t been able to deep throat me at all before a few moments earlier.“You’re gonna make daddy cum so fucking hard, baby!”  I started thrusting harder in and out of her throat, allowing her brief moments to breathe, but resuming before she even got a chance to fully recover.  Amazingly, I was able to cum soon.  I exploded while I was still in her throat, pumping the first bit straight into her stomach.  I then slowly pulled out, leaving some in her mouth, then still shooting more as I came on her tits.  She caught her breath and took me back into her mouth, cleaning the head and swirling her tongue around it.  I helped her to her feet and then lifted her up so she could wrap her legs around my waist.  We kissed hard, deep.  I felt her fingers on the back of my head and holding onto my back.  As we broke the kiss I lifted her ass up a bit, presenting her breasts to me.  I dove down, savoring her amazing perky tits.  I took each in my mouth, licking them, sucking on the nipples.  Chelsea gasped, and I felt the pressure of her fingers turning into the digging of her nails as she got the beginning of her own taste of pleasure for the evening.  She started grinding her pussy against my cock through the thin thong.  There was so much more pleasure to come.Despite all the earlier sex, there must have been something about Chelsea, about her involvement, about seeing a new side of her, about having this with the woman I loved.  I knew we would be stronger than ever.  Just as soon as I carried her up to the bed and fucked her senseless until she passed out.    

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