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Sex party with a black woman shaved in flock pussy

 I heard the door closing as Neal led out of the living room and toward the stairway that led to the bedroom. When we got to the stairs, he let go of my hand and told me to go up first. I walked ahead of him, holding onto the rail. It was very well polished and I wondered how it would feel to slide down it naked. “ You have a beautiful ass,” Neal said. “ Thank you,” I said. “You wife has permanently marred it.” “ It doesn't look marred from here,” she said. “ Well, it feels marred,” I said. He gave me a pat. “ I love the way it bounces when you walk,” he said. I gave him a little wiggle, and ran the rest of the way up to the bedroom. He didn't bother to chase me. I was in the bedroom waiting for him. “ You're very slow,” I said. “I could have locked myself in.” “ I knew you wouldn't,” he said. “Leanne has told me too much about you.” “ Nothing good, I suppose,” I said. “Don't believe anything she says about me. I'm really very sweet and nice.” “ Leanne likes you a lot,” Neal said. “ She does not,” I told him. “ She really does,” he said. “It's not just jealousy is it?” “ What?” “ The reason you're so mean to her.” “ Ha,” I ha'ed. “Ha. Ha.” “ She'd like to be your friend.” “ Ha.” I said. “She's got you snowed. Of course she does. You married her.” “ You don't have to fuck me,” he said. “ You're wrong. I have to fuck you. You don't have to fuck me, but if I don't fuck you, she wins.” “ Wins what?” He asked. He sat on the edge of the bed and took my hand in his. “ There's a lot of history here that you don't know,” I said. He drew me to him and pulled me onto his lap. He brushed my hair back and kissed my ear lobe. “ That bitch,” I said. “What else did she tell you?” “ She tells me everything,” he said. “I'm her husband.” “ She shouldn't have told you about my ear lobe,” I said. “That's too personal.” He smiled. Taking my left nipple between his right thumb and forefinger he squeezed until I moaned in pleasure. “ Damn her,” I said. “I feel so naked.” “ You are naked,” He said. “ You know what I mean,” I said. “I feel like I have no secrets, that you already know everytthing about me.” His lips brushed mine, and I melted into his kiss. He put his hand on my leg and gently trailed it along the soft flesh of my inner thigh. She'd told him everything he needed to know to seduce me, and he already had me naked to start with. How fair is that? His hand moved up between my legs, finding the soft moistness of my pussy. He fell backwards taking me with him, spinning me over him and putting me on my back. “ Stopp,” I said. “We can't do this.” “ Why not?” He asked. “ You have to whip me,” I said. “Six before, and six after.” “ She's not my boss,” he said. “I don't have to do everything she says.” “ Six,” I said. “Before and after.” “ We could just say we did it,” he said. “ I can't believe you,” I said. “How did Leanne end up with such an immoral liar as you? I could never look her in the eye again.” “ You're as stubborn as she said you were,” he said. “ You should have known me in high school,” I said. “When I was really mule headed. You have to use your belt. The wide leather one you were wearing when you picked me up.” I waited patiently for him to get it. When he did, I asked him how he wanted to do it, over his knee or bent over somewhere. “” When I use the belt on Leanne,” he said. “I usually have her lean over the sofa,” he said. “But since we're in the bedroom, just lean over the bed.” I did as I was told. He brought the belt down on my waiting backside. It wasn't hard enough to kill a fly. “ Come on,” I said. “That one doesn't count. It has to be harder than that. I hope that's not the way you whip Leanne. I was hoping she was getting a real ass burner from you when you said you used the belt on her, but obviously you've been using it to tickle her.” He gave me another lick, a little harder. I laughed. He rubbed my backside, and gave me a gentle pat. “ Brace yourself,” he said. I was just starting to giggle when he brought the belt down on my backside. “ Oww,” I howled. “That hurt.” “ It's supposed to hurt,” he said. “Miss Smart Ass.” The next one hurt even more, enough to bring tears to my eyes. I knew that one would leave a welt. The next two made me beg him to stop. “ You said the first two didn't count,” he said. “Remember.” “ They counted,” I said. “ The last two too hard?” He asked. “ I've had harder,” I said. I wished immediately that I hadn't said that. He brought the belt down on me again, hard enough to lift me onto my toes and make me yell out. “ That's six,” he said. He rubbed my ass. “I'll count the second one. If that's all right with you, that is.” I felt the tip of his cock pressing against me. He held me with one hand on my hips ans he slid the entire length of himself into me. I purred with pleasure. He put his arms around me and pulled me with him as he lowered himself to the floor. He managed to sit cross legged with me still attached to his dick, pushing my legs up with his hands behind my knees, sliding me upa and down on his stiff cock. “ Very nice,” he said. He pushed me forward onto my knees, moving with me so that his cock never left me. I wondered if he was a gymnast too. Leanne and I had been on the gymnastics team together. I was better than her, of course, but the coach favored her. “ Nice and tight,” he said. “Warm and wet.” His cock slipped out, almost, but not quite all the way. The tip of his dick stopped at the lips of my pussy, then slipped back inside, opening me, over and over, letting me feel him enjoying me. I got wetter and wetter, dripping my own juices down my thighs. “ Nice,” he said. He withdrew completely from me and got up, pulling me to my feet and spinning me around to face him. He entered me again, lifting me and putting his hard dick in me as my legs wrapped around him. He held me up with both palms on my ass as I held on to him with my arms wrapped around his neck. He took three steps to the wall, pushed my back against it, and began to fuck me fast and hard. His cock filled me with each thrust, making me cry out in amazement and joy. I heard the front door open and knew that Leanne was home. She hadn't been gone long. Not long enough. Neal kept fucking me, his big hard dick slamming my ass back against the wall with each stroke. Over and over. Leanne didn't say a word when she came into the room. She walked past us to the bed, where she sat down and took off her shoes and pantyhose. Her eyes met mine, holding my gaze as her husband's cock slid in and out of me. My orgasm came up like a volcanic explosion, loud and violent. I screamed and thrashed, wrapping my legs tightly around him as he kept slamming into me. I felt weak as water when he came in me, his cock pumping vast amounts of his juice into me. He held me there against the wall, kissing my neck, until he began to grow limp. He slid himself out of me, gently lowered my feet to the floor, and kissed me on the lips. “ Good girl,” he whispered. He had to hold me up a moment before I could get my legs to work properly. His come ran down my thighs as he led me to the bed and Leanne. She rubbed his semen down my legs, and around to my ass. Keeping one hand on me, she took his shrinking dick in the other. She leaned forward and gave the tip of his cock a kiss. “ Go get cleaned up, sweetie,” she said to me. “I'll see if I can get Neal back in the mood for you.” I turned the shower on hot, soaping myself and feeling the water run over my skin. I felt really sensitive as I touched myself between the legs. His come was still dripping out of me, and I rubbed it around on my legs, watching the shower wash it off and take it down the drain. I dried off, then spent a couple of minutes on the bidet. I felt nice and fresh when I went back into the bedroom. Leanne still had his cock in her mouth. It was completely erect again now. She sucked his cock a moment longer then took her lips off of him. “ I'll go start dinner,” she said as she stood. Neal pulled me onto the bed, rolled me onto my back, lifting and spreading my legs. He kissed me on the pussy, the kissed up my tummy. He licked and nibbled my erect nipples while his hands found erogenous zones that he couldn't have known about because until that moment I hadn't know about them myself. I was on the cusp of ecstasy when he started eating my pussy. Leanne, it turns out, is one very lucky girl. He made me come almost at once, then brought me nearly to orgasm again before lifting my ass in both hands and putting his velvet cock into me. “ Fuck me,” I said. “Fuck me hard. He was fucking me hard when Leanne came back into the room. He paused to look up at her. “ It'll be a while on the chicken,” she said. “But I got the ginger peeled. Neal rolled over, pulling me on top of him. I collapsed on his chest. I was really getting exhausted. I felt her hand on my ass. “ Pretty little ass,” she said. “Pretty welts.” I lay still, Neal's hard cock buried in me as Leanne ran her finger along my ass crack. She touched my asshole, rubbing it with lube from my wet pussy, and opened it with the tip of one finger. The ginger burned. Her finger pushed it deep inside me. It brought tears to my eyes and made me want to surrender. I tightened myself against Neal's cock and gritted my teeth. Keeping her finger in my ass, Leanne leaned forward and kissed me on the back. “ If that comes out,” she said. “I'm going to take your panties off in front of the girls at Leland's next Monday and blister your ass in front of everybody. I squeezed my ass tight, keeping the ginger inside me as Neal moved himself in and out of me. Then he told me to get up on my knees. Leanne dropped her skirt to the floor then pulled down her panties and stepped out of them. She got onto the bed, moving up to the top, sitting on a pillow. She spread her legs, and opened the lips of her pussy with two elegant fingers. “ You know what to do,” she said. I knelt in front of her, lowered my head and kissed her clit. Neal grasped me by the hips and slid into me and I began to lick and taste her pussy, tasting her juices as I licked and nibbled, opening her lips with my tongue and putting it as far in as it would reach. She moaned as I withdrew my tongue and flicked it against her clit. Licking her in rhythm to his thrusts. When I felt her began to shudder as her orgasm built up I thrust my tongue into her, moving my thumb to her clit. Her thighs squeezed tightly around my head as she rubbed herself against me, moaning and crying out as she came. Neal slapped my ass, pulled me back against him and started filling me full of his come again. The three of us collapsed together. Leanne was the first to get up. She was the hostess, after all and responsible for getting dinner ready. I lay wrapped in Neal's arms and listened to the sound of the shower running in the bathroom. After awhile she came out wrapped in a towel. “ You two need to clean up and get ready for dinner,” she said. “ Can I take the ginger out now?” I asked. There was a little whine in my voice, I noticed. “ It's may I,” she said. “ May I?” “ May I what?” She asked. “ May I please take the ginger out?” “ You may take it
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out in the shower,” she said. Neal and I stumbled out of bed and into the shower. I had no problem getting the piece of ginger out. I had almost lost it a few times already. We soaped and showered together, our hands lathering each other's bodies. The water ran over us, relaxing and warm as he slid a soaped finger up my ass, soothing the burn a little. I was surprised when he slid his cock into me. He had gotten hard again very quickly. “ How many little blue pills did you take?” I asked. “ None, yet,” he said. “I thought I'd take one after dinner. Leanne stuck her head into the shower and told us to cut it out and get ready for dinner. He might not have to do everything she asked, but he did slide out of my pussy and finish showering. My nipples were hard and sensitive as he helped me dry, and I was still wet between the legs even after the rest of my body was dry. I was still burning from the ginger after the shower, but it was a more pleasant burn now. Neal went to the toilet and peed like a racehorse while I used the blow dryer on my hair. It needed shampooing, but it would have to do. I watched him as I dried my hair. It's amazing how much men can pee. I made him leave the room before I peed though. Our relationship wasn't far enough along to let him watch me. Anyway, it makes me nervous to have someone in the room while I'm trying to pee. He caught me at the door and pulled me back into the bathroom when I was finished. “ No,” I said. “It's time for dinner.” He pushed me up against the sink and reached for a jar of Vaseline. “ You won't need that,” I said. “ You'll thank me later,” he said. He got a big finger of Vaseline and put his finger inside me, then did another before taking my hand and leading me to the kitchen. The food was on the table. Chinese takeout in boxes, not the homemade meal I'd been expecting. The table was set with the good china though, and beautiful chop sticks. “ There's pie after,” Leanne said. “But there's the pie challenge to get through first.” “ What kind of pie?” I asked. “ Lemon,” she said. “And I made it myself.” “ Really?” “ Well, I bought it myself,” she said. She held up two pieces of peeled ginger. “I did peel these myself,” she said. “One for you and one for me.” I wasn't sure that I was up to more ginger. It flashed into my mind though that there had been more to Neal's greasing me up in the bathroom than I'd thought. I had an ally, a temporary one, at least. “ You first,” I said. She handed me a piece. “ We'll do it together,” she said. “ It would be better if Neal did it for both of us,” I said. “That way we won't be tempted to cheat.” So Neal put pieces of ginger into our pussies. I wondered if she'd cheated by using Vaseline on herself. It was typical of her. I didn't feel a bit guilty. It was harder to keep it in than I'd thought it would be though. I had to hold it in with a finger until I sat down. Even with the petroleum jelly there was a bit of a burn. It wasn't terribly unpleasant though, more of a warming sensation. Leanne sat down at the chair beside mine, and Neal took the seat across from her. She picked up her chopsticks and caught one of my nipples, giving me a little twist. “ I wonder if I could grasp your little clit with chopsticks,” she said. My little clit was peeking out, but it still eluded her grasp, managing to slip away from her efforts to catch it between the sticks. “ Oh well,” she said. “Let's eat.” The food was good. A bit spicy, but delicious. “ Are you ever getting married?” She asked me. “People are beginning to talk.” “ About me?” I asked. “I've only been home six months.” “ And not even engaged,” she said. “Honey, it's a scandal. If you weren't fucking so many guys people would think you're gay.” “ I'm not fucking so many guys,” I said. “Just a couple.” “ Really? Who are they?” “ I'm not telling,” I said. “ I'll bet I can guess anyway.” “ I'll never tell,” I said. “ Anyway,” she said. “If you don't get married how can you join our swinger's club?” “ You have a swinger's club?” “ Of course not. That would be scandalous wouldn't it?” “ Who alls in it?” I asked. “Jenna and Bruce Watkins?” “ No,” she said. “We are not in a swinger's club with Jenna and Bruce Watkins.” “ Bruce,” I said. Then stopped because I didn't want to finish my thought. “ I know all about Bruce,” she said. “ Oh?” “ And I don't have any Vaseline in my twat, Missy,” she said. “Do you take me for a fool?” “ I have no idea what you're talking about,” I said. “ Remember when I told you that Neal tells me everything.” “ I still get pie,” I said. “You didn't say “pie only if there's no Vaseline.' Anyway the Vaseline makes it harder to keep it in if anything.” “ That's very legalistic of you,” she said. “You should have gone into politics.” “ I've decided to run for commissioner,” I said. “ Don't,” she said. “ Why? Are you running?” “ No. The office of commissioner is very corrupting.” “ I'm very corruptible,” I said. “I'd fit right in.” “ The old boys on the commission would destroy you publicly before they'd let you take one of their seats.” “ There'll be a retirement eventually.” “ And I'll bet I could have captured your clit if you weren't so greasy with sneaky lubrication products.” “ Maybe,” I said. “ Okay,” she said. “You can still have pie, but you did intend to deceive me, so there will be a proper punishment discussed at a later date.” “ I had no intention of deceiving you,” I said. “When your husband began rubbing it inside me, I thought he planned to rape me.” “ Yet you didn't scream out in fear and trepidation?” “ Not exactly,” I said. “I did tell him that we would be late for dinner.” “ It's true,” Neal said. “ More legalisms,” she said. She stood and walked to the refrigerator. She came back carrying a beautiful lemon meringue pie, heaped with clouds of meringue. I could tell it was from Barnett's. “ Notice how I manage to go to the fridge and back without losing my ginger,” she said. Then she put her fingers between her legs and took the ginger out. “ Can I take mine out too?” “ You will never learn,” she said. “I'm surprised your mother didn't wear every inch of skin off your backside. It's 'May I, please take the ginger from my pussy,' and you may.” “ Thank you,” I said. I took my piece out. Actually, when I stood a little it squirted out onto the chair. It was pretty well coated in Vaseline. “ Whatever you do,” she said. “Don't have sex with a condom until you get all that out.” I nodded. The pie was great. “ Now,” she said. “We can stack the dishes and try to think of a way to get all the petroleum jelly out of Felicia's cunt.” I helped clear the table and stack the dishes. “ I imagine that soap and water will get it out,” she said. “It's not water soluble, you know. It will take a good scrubbing. First, though, we might try to get as much of it out with whatever we can find that will fit in there.” Her idea was to allow Neal to insert his stiff cock in me, then wipe it clean when he withdrew it. She kept rubbing it back on me, though, on my ass, my legs, by back, my tummy. There seemed to be a lot more of it than I'd thought possible. I began to think that she must be sneaking extra out of the jar. I was pretty slippery when she had Neal carry me into the bedroom. “ I'll get the sheets all oily,” I said. “ Yes,” Leanne said. “They'll have to be washed.” Neal plopped me onto the bed. “ I think you should suck on Neal's cock while I fuck you with the strap on,” she said. “ Not Big Bob, though,” I pleaded. “ Felicia is afraid her tiny little hole will be stretched out of shape,” she said. Neal got on the bed and I took his cock in my hand. “ The position needs to be changed,” she said. “I can't reach you that way.” Neal moved to the head of the bed. I knelt and took his cock in my mouth. “Can I wash the Vaseline off?” I asked. “ Try asking that in a civilized manner,” she said. “ May I wash the Vaseline off of Neal's cock?” I asked. “Please.” “ I will wash it off when I get back,” she said. “You are so picky.” She brought back a washcloth and wiped the jelly from his prick. “ Now,” she said. “Start sucking it while I get ready.” I started on his cock. Licking him from the balls up first, then kissing the tip, running my tongue all around it before putting my lips around him. I took him as far into my mouth as I could, then took my lips away. I lay my head next to his crotch and licked his balls, then, taking his cock in my hand I licked him all the way up the shaft. The bed shifted when Leanne joined us. I opened my mouth wide and took as much of Neal's hard cock into my throat as I could. Then slowly drew back from him. I felt Leanne's fingers open the petals of my pussy, then felt the tip of the vinyl cock pushing into me. It was bigger than the one she'd used earlier. Not as big as Big Bob, but long, thick and very filling. She slid it into me as far as I could take it, then withdrew, and smacked my ass. Then she put it back in. I sucked Neal's dick, feeling the tip against my inner cheeks, rolling my tongue around it, closing my lips and sucking. She began to fuck me in a slow rhythm. It grew faster and faster as I began to make noises in my throat. “ You are incorrigible,” she said. “ What?” I asked. “ Still saving your ass for the honeymoon?” she asked. “ Of course,” I said. “Don't tell me you didn't.” She slapped my ass and pulled the dildo out. “ Well, if fingers don't count,” she said. “ Why have you stopped sucking my dick?” Neal said. I put my mouth back on him. Leanne moved me out of the way, put her mouth where mine was and took over. I moved over in the bed and watched. She sucked him for awhile then coaxed him onto his back so that she could straddle him. “ My Lord,” she said. “ My lady.” “ My God,” I said. “I don't believe this.” “ Hush,” she said. I hushed. Leanne moved on top of him, riding up and down on his big cock. I lay my head down so that I could see her sliding on and off him. I wondered if I looked that stretched out when he was inside me. No wonder I was sore. It was really too personal though. They were man and wife, after all. I felt like I should look away at least. On the other hand, if they didn't want an audience, why bring one in? “ You're a really loud fuck,” I told Leanne when he'd squirted his load in her and she was lying collapsed and exhausted on his chest. She didn't answer. I wondered if she was going to sleep. I put my hand on her butt, gave her a little smack. A pat really. “ Watch it, young lady,” she said. “ Yes ma'am,” I said. “ And I still owe you six with the belt. Don't forget that.” “ I think your husband really likes me,” I said. “ He really likes pussy,” she said. “He is only being nice to you because I told him to.” “ Are you going to take me home?” I asked. “Or am I going to have to call a cab?” “ We'll take you home,” she said. “I've been meaning to drop in and say hi to your mom and dad for weeks.” “ My clothes are in the car,” I said. “ First things first,” she said. “Where is that damn belt?”

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